Most times in 24 hours.

You have ever jacked off? Without knowing a actual number I'd guess I've jacked off 24 "or more" times. Sorry no pics.

my best is 11 times in one hour

The Principal -

OP, your dong must of looked like a peice of prosciutto at the end of the day. 

Thanks for the complement.

phydeau - my best is 11 times in one hour
You jacked 11 dudes in one hour? Your wrists didn't get tired?

I'm guessing 7-8

It hurt too much after 5

Thinking 5 max also. Probably 3 one day, 2 next. Shooting dust at that point.

from memory maybe a dozen.



Back when I was about 15 I whacked it 10 times in one day. Parents were gone somewhere. I had a few good porn mags...nothing else going on that day. I hit about 7 and thought "shit, why not go for 10?"

I figured it had to be some kind of world record at the time.

5 I'd say

6 in one day when I wasn't working 

maybe 3 or 4.


13 blanks... was a simpler time

RKing85 - maybe 3 or 4.
Get your test checked.

I was 14, home alone all day, jerked it 6 times in about 9 hours. My cack was swollen for days.