Most Underrated Game Series Ever

It's so damn fun(not the N64 versions)and the storylines are so incredible that I'm still scratching my head in disbelief that there hasn't been one Castlevania movie yet.

I played a demo version of Lament of Innocence,and I plan on picking it up later.
Even as a 3D game it's still entertaining.

I know that it has taken alot of crap for remaining 2D by the norms,but let's face it.
2D games are way more challenging and better structured than 3D games.

Plus,there is only two types of people that can make a whip great,Indiana Jones,and the Belmonts'.

But dude,games back then are actually harder to beat then games today.

It's like comparing Pong to Halo.
In Halo,you die but most of the time can't see how you died.
Were you shot in the back?
From what?

In PONG,you can clearly see that you missed the ball.

Castlevania rules.

Excellent point Armbreaker. I do however like 2D for it's simplicity and not having to search endlessly for save points. Most underrated series ever? I would say contra but they made a few stinkers in between the good ones.

I disagree that games back then were harder to beat than games today. Simplicity can also lead to ease. Better, tougher AI, more options and larger/longer games today. Though this doesn't mean games are harder, I think a lot of games today are made much easier by the fact that you can get on gamefaqs or a million of other sites and find out how to beat them.

I don't think either series is really underrated, Castlevania is one of the best series ever, Contra too.

The Tokyo Extreme Racer series is very underrated.

Castlevania games have always rocked (besides the N64 ones...), I've bought every one on release day for quite some time.

Definitely get Lament of Innocence if you are a fan, even just for the story alone. Once you beat it you will be so glad you did. It's an awesome game.

Placebo, part of the harder to beat was cause the play control was so unresponsive and there was no help. None of this you run into a character who explains how the buttons work shit. You turn it on and GO you got enemies coming at you. One hit you're dead. No save points. Thats what it was all about. While now they have all new ways to make games harder, they also cater to the market and usually don't make a game with one diffiulty level only and it is hard.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It's hard to find people who are into these games so they don't bring them all to the US.

games were hard back then because that's what people expected from them... games these days could be just as hard but that's not what the market wants since visuals are a big part of games now

am I the only one that liked Castlevania 64?


Shining Force 1 and 2 for Sega Genesis.