Most underrated player in the NFL

Kerry mothafuckin Rhodes. That is all.

I remember when you guys played the Texans last year and Rhodes just obliterated our offense. I was like,"Why cant we have a safety like that?"

I was ready to argue with whatever player you named, but that's actually a pretty good one.

My homer pick is Jamal Williams.

Chester Pitts is my pick, he's actually a damn fine OL that has taken a bad rap because the whole OL has been falsely accused (the last 3 years) for Carr's nonexistant pocket presence for our franchise's history.

Good Player, but there is no such thing as an underrated NYC athlete.

Jon Kitna

Tom brady

Almost anyone who performs well on the defensive side of the ball.

Jay Cutler, Travis Henry, and Champ Bailey

Michael Turner.


the 49ers kicker Nedney

Rex Grossman.

almost all good offensive linemen and defensive tackles.

dude rex sucks and i LOVE the bears.

How can Champ Bailey be underrated? He's universally recognized as the
best corner in football. Perhaps the best defender period.

Most underrated is Fred Taylor, almost 10,000 career rushing yards, zero
pro bowls.

Brian Griese

dude rex sucks and i LOVE the bears.

You're right.  Henry Burris or Jonathan Quinn should come back.  I think I'll take Lovie's opinion on this matter over yours.

you can take his opinion, i just think he's wrong. Grossman just SUCKs at making on the fly decisions and it shows time after time after time after time.

Bill Bates

frank gore-most rushes of 20 yard or more last season.