Most Unorthadoxed Fighter Ever?

Sudo, Sakuraba, Candyman.........who?

Sudo is more out there than Saku



who's candyman...the beeman?

that penjak silat guy from UFC2 was pretty bizzare...

Sakuraba is more unorthodox on the ground than Genki, I think. Standing up Genki is without a doubt, the most craziest, but when it hits the mat he plays a positional jiu-jitsu game. He gets big points for the Giant Swing though!

Wes Simms

prince naseem hamed

Chuck Liddell (sp?) always looks like he's on the edge of a disaster when he usually comes through with a KO

LOL - I totally agree about Chuck. Maybe not THE most unorthodox, but he manages to make himself look like he doesn't know what hes doing alot of the time (despite being a great fighter)

Harold Howard.

- the breathtaking mullet
- the somersaulting flip kick he tried against Steve Jennum. If that would have landed and KO'd Jennum, MMA would be different today.

Gotta be Sudo! There are a ton of unorthodox fighters, but Sudo is the MOST unorthodox, IMO.

Whatabout "Tuli" or whatever his name was from UFC 1

He was the dude that got his tooth knocked into the 3rd row by Gerald Geradoue (sp)

I agree with minotorro and ironmik. Chuk has a strange but obviously successful style. Sudo is my favorite odd fighter though. It's just fun to watch the way he taunts an opponent.

I saw Sudo doing all those spinning moves against Leigh Remeidos. That was something that really makes him different from everyone else.

Sudo, unorthadoxed, very talented, and exciting to watch. I also like how active he is on the ground (granted I haven't seen a lot of his fights), from what I remember he's entertaining on the ground because he's active

Shonie with his spinning backfists.

Sato has gone for a lotta crazy stuff, flying armbars, reverse triangles, funky heel hooks.

Yano....dude wears socks when he fights and has tapped people while on the bottom of north/south by trapping their head in between his legs, crossing his feet and squeezing.


Yano from ZST is BIZARRE.

I think that Karo Parisyan's style of grappling is quite unorthodox to many people.