Most Unorthodox Fighters in MMA History?

You guys need to YouTube Imanari. Leg lock master. He also has a friend whose name I've now forgotten specialises in leg locks as well but wear socks for his fights. Real weird but he wins. Phone Post 3.0

Cody McKenzie shit just got real gif


Imanari does some unconventional stuff but I think his tag team partner Takumi "The Oriental Mystery" Yano is the true master of weirdness.

Sak Phone Post 3.0

Nick / nate diaZ, I don't understand how slaps can be so effective Phone Post 3.0

Shigeyuki Umeki. check out his YouTube highlight.

Nick Diaz.

First time I watched one of his fights I was tripping out on the way he threw his punches. Phone Post 3.0

lyoto is up there

cruz too

Conor #1 P4P GOAT - That Japanese karate dude in the UFC , I always forget his name Phone Post 3.0
Mr. Miyagi Phone Post 3.0

Mr international Phone Post 3.0

Joe Son

Aaron Bicking Phone Post 3.0

ranier wolfcastle - 

lyoto is up there

cruz too

Throw Guida's monkey ass up in there too.

There should be a grand prix of unorthodox, and they should call it "BloodSport".