Most US MMA Events are Growing!

Have you guys noticed that almost every MMA event here in the US seem to be experiencing a growth in not only quality of the fighters involved, but also a definate level up in quality of match ups?

ROTR is really putting together some excellent cards lately. At the rate they are growing, they could well be major players in MMA by years end.

The WEC is growing in leaps and bounds lately. I look forward to each and every WEC being announced, there are always very interesting/exciting fights throughout their cards.

The FFC's next card looks great! A lot of good names are rounding out the card, and the prospects for great fights looks very good for FFC 9.

The ICC is making a very slow, but progressive comeback too. I hope they were not disheartened by the poor turn out for the last show, and are able to continue on towards being what they once were ... a very solid event with some very good match ups.

Heck, lately even Extreme Challenge is making a return to form as well. The last few ECs have really captured my interest ... I just hope Monte decides to start having them professionally taped again?

The VFC is right there with EC in the Midwest, fronting some really good local match ups for the fans there.

The AFC is thriving in FL! ATT provides some world class talent, while Miguel tries to give them stern tests on each card. Also, the sometimes internationally laced match ups are fun to watch too.

The IFC is a little hit and miss lately, but they're still pretty solid overall ...
& cranking out some very good fights along the way.

IMO, KOTC has been at a status quo for about 2 years now. They do still have some good fights, but I think the overall quality of fights has dropped just a bit lately.

Mass Destruction/Reality Fighting is still alive and kicking, but their cards are now more focused on the local crowd (which is fine!), whereas some of their earlier events carried more of a national flavor to them.

Eruption is another event that could really take off in the New England area. I just hope Mike, and his backers, are still good to have another go at it in the near future?

Ok, I know I am missing a couple of events here .. help me out folks!


Euphoria Entertainment....

They put on Russia vs USA in NJ...


They have shows planned for October and December!




don't forget about Lindland's Sportfight in Portland, OR. It recently switched to a bigger venue and is being taped for a fall television show!


Ironheart Crown continues to get bigger with every event .

SportFight is so obvious I should smack myself for forgetting that one, doh!

Euphoria Entertainment could really take off, and I seriously hope they do.

IronHeart is a very good event as well. The match ups are always even, and the fighters are of a good skill level also.

That statement (title of thread) does not apply to WA. state.
In is going backwards in WA.

AFC and EUPHORIA are the same, but different. Matchmade by ME. : )

AFC has some cool announcements coming up as well.