Most violent game ever?


then there was this stupid game where you can run around kill people for no reason (some stress stuff) I forgot the name.


just remembered.. Postal 2 was the name

There are plenty to choose from, so I'll pick a more obscure one: Blade of Darkness.

It was a typical 3rd person shooter sort of game, although you rarely shot stuff; instead, it was like many console games where you fought baddies hand to hand. Now, there are plenty games like that nowadays, but this one was unique in two ways: first, you could sever any body part - arms, legs, or heads - depending on where you targeted your enemy; second, you could pick up the severed parts and wield them as weapons.

It has to be one of the most gruesome (and yet funniest) things I've ever done in a game - I was fighting two goblin critters, and I slashed one's head off, then swung at the other, who took the hit and immediately started running away, but who in the process broke my spear. I frantically reached around for a dropped weapon on the ground, but the only thing I picked up was the severed head of the first guy. I figured what the hell and threw the still-dripping head at the fleeing goblin. As luck would have it, it smacked him in the back of the head and killed him.

A few seconds later I realized how utterly grotesque and savage that was, and I smiled at myself and silently congratulated the game designers ;-)

Postal 2

what other game let you chop someones head off, pour gas on them, burn them, piss on them, launch a kitty bomb at then, then punt their decapitated head across the house

Manhunt for realistic looking violence. Although you cannot saw someone's head off with wire.

"Although you cannot saw someone's head off with wire"

not with a wire but one of those wire saw things used on branches would work

Good point.

The Immortal was a pretty good game, Very good graphics for the time.

My vote goes to a game called Chiller.
You'd shoot at people in torture racks....

I think we have a winner....Shellshock: Nam '67

"At one point, a member of your squad ties a prostitute to an upright mattress, beats her mercilessly with his fists, and then takes a giant Rambo knife to her breasts before finally slitting her throat. This is the one way that ShellShock lives up to its hype--it certainly raises the bar on vile, pointless cutscenes. However, anyone interested in more than stubbornly average gameplay should look elsewhere."