Most you won or lost on a fight?

i've only bet on one fight in my entire life: barnett vs couture.

i made about $1k on barnett when he was at +170. i wish i had placed the bet right before the fight because his odds skyrocketed to +300 within hours!

i made close to $700 on james toney beating evander holyfield

I don't know where to start, but if Baroni beat Tanner, I would have cashed on 2 HUGE parlays. I think 5 or 7 teamers risking 1k each.

Barnett and Couture at the MGM Grand. Bustamante vs Lindland on MVPsportsbook.

I lost 1k in Sept. ,my birthday actually :(, on a 5team parlay to win 13k. Only 1 guy lost -Stevie Johnston. Man I was depressed for like a month.


Of all the fights to lose a parlay on, must have been torture to see Tanner cut and out on his feet most of the fight and then get that last second stoppage. I bet Tanner but if it had been a track ticket I was holding and he was my horse, I would have torn it up long before the end.

If we count Casinos, I blew 23k in cash and 10 k in credit cards in Black Jack, on a doomed trip to San Juan, PR with an ex GF , back in 94. I havent gone back there since and hate the island. But thats 10 years ago, so I am starting to get over it........

"This was a young guy, about 35, who had come from nothing (Haitian immigrant to NYC) and in the span of a few months won over 150K on a supernatural rush, in blackjack on a 6 deck shoe."

wtf, how much was he betting?!?

wow, turning $100 into $150k is impressive. was he counting cards?

the best i ever did with $100 was turn it into $4k playing baccarat.

You guys have a serious gambling problem :)

I watched a buddy lose 100k at the craps table and a week later tried
to win it back by making a 60k bet on the Rams against the Patriots.
Needless to say we left the superbowl party after the first quarter and
he was sick to his stomach the rest of the year.