Mother flips her shit over her son getting tattoos

Get it right dickhead! It’s on my forehead in letters three inches tall.

Mom would get inked.

I thankfully never got a tattoo, but my old man lost his shit when I got my ear pierced at 16. I went to the local fair and got it done due to peer pressure. When I got home, I knew my only chance was to get to my mom first. I could beg her to talk to the old man and hopefully convince him to not kill me.

When I got home he was downstairs at then entrance. I tried to hide it as I walked by and he knew something was up. He said what the fuck are you hiding. I showed him my earring and he said take it out right now or you’ll never drive my car again. I popped it out right there on the spot lol. Fucker.

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Guy needs to stop laughing and give his mom a hug. She’s freaking out because she’s worried about him and his future, that’s understandable. She’s his mom, he needs to give her a hug and comfort her by explaining it’s okay, that he has a job, and the tattoos aren’t a deal breaker for employment.




And for all the badasses on here who think it’s weak to hug your mom and tell her you love her, I feel sorry for you and your crappy childhood. I had a great childhood with great parents, it was awesome

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Dumb ass sketch pads

Disagree. I have a few friends that are Physicians and they have sleeves. 3 of them just off the top of my head. One rides a harley and is the nicest guy you’d ever meet. He just likes ink.

People that are out of shape…tattoos look absolutely awful on them! I think only a small portion of the population look good with ink. Women shouldn’t be getting them.

Okay so there are 3 exceptions.

Way to prove me wrong.