Mothers Against Violent Sports

What you violent fiends don't understand is that these brutish fighters are being looked up to as role models by children. More girls are wanting to be a masculine, monster like Ronda Rousey with man shoulders, instead of working hard to earn a body like Kim Kardashian, who might I say is downright fabulous.

How do you ever expect to find a husband when you can bench press more than they do? And could literally snap at any moment from your anabolic substances and domestically abuse him?

-Jen Phone Post 3.0

Interdasting. Phone Post 3.0

I bet Jen looks like a pig Phone Post 3.0

Mothers Against Violent Sports
Should Nick DIAZ BROTHERS be suspended for anabolic weeds injections? Absolutely. He should be BANNED from fighting ?#?forever?.

This may seem like a harsh punishment, but do you want YOUR children growing up into hash toking fist throwers?!

Yes I've used this picture before but I'm very busy, my youngest has started being a homosexual so it is very stressful times.

The price you pay Phone Post 3.0

"Working hard to earn a body like Kim Kardashian".


Any bitch can get implants, a shit-ton of plastic surgeries, then eat 400 donuts and look like a proper fucking pig. Being a serious athlete takes work, not Olive Garden's Endless Breadsticks.

I'm hoping it's a troll page. Either way it's pretty funny. Jen also is not fond of sandboxes. Phone Post 3.0

LOL at " my youngest one has started being a homosexual"

This has to be a troll. Phone Post 3.0

Troll. Has to be. Phone Post 3.0


We've been saying for years now how those Thailand karate fighters were linked to Satanism. To the left we have high priest Dane White (before the gender change to "Dana") in his full Satanic outfit, our sources say that he wears these to perform human sacrifices.

Pictured on the right we have Eric the Bloodaxe with his Babylonian mistress "Rebecca" . These Moy Tie fighters wear Satanic shirts on the street to give them ?#?streetcred?. Beware of their shins, they don't wear pads and use them on crossfitters!

Pictured on the bottom are Moy Tie high priests that work directly under Dane. The carry out barbaric, ritualistic dances done to call forth Lucifer. Please help us expose this devilry! Concerned mother,
Tamara. Phone Post 3.0

Guys, it's satire Phone Post 3.0