Mother's son Trains UFC

Yesterday, while I was getting my cafe at Mud Coffee in NYC, a woman saw my BJJ shirt and asked if I train UFC! I politely said yes, and she mentioned her son trained UFC. She was very nice and naive, and she began mentioning her son trains UFC with IOWA, but also trains UFC in NYC, then she told me her son managed UFC fighters. I didn't want to get into details, she was very nice but didn't know what she was talking about.
The woman was nice and she obviously doesn't know any better, but what is happening to the people outside our community? Tapout clothing being sold at Nike and Champs outlets, Affliction shirts at the local mall, this is getting watered down and bad.


 What an idiot. Everyone knows training UFC is ancient. It's all about training Elite XC now.

that is to say, everytime my father mention's me to people, he always say's I train tae kwon do and my mom says Diu Ditsu



I train Elite XC ...ha ha...I cant wait to the day I hear that

I'm a black belt in Elite XC!!

my mom would probably say the same thing

their moms

 It was bound to happen.  MMA is exploding and there are so many new schools/businesses relating to MMA that it is crazy.  It's only going to get more mainstream so get ready.


I get asked how my "extreme fighting" training is coming along by my in-laws.

I've never heard the "I train UFC" thing before, but i have met people that think every event we have in town is the UFC...

I suppose it's good that they at least have heard of some form of MMA.

 I ask everyone if they "UFC'

 You should have stuck wrestlingsucks on her, he would've taught her a lesson

Kneeblock - 

 I train Dream.


X-guard with upkicks to the face! I'm down with that :)


Who gives a shit? Why does this bother you? Do you feel like some of your thunder is being stolen? Do you feel like your bubble is beingt burst? What if her son has been training longer than you have AND could easily kick your ass? Does that worry you?

Bunch of insecure bastards on here bitching and complaining about mainstreaming all the time.

I am going GREEN with my UFC training.

My mom before I even started competing told people I had a "pitfighting match" coming up. I laughed and imagined that old game with the guys who would break the selector screen if you picked them. And some of the enemies in the pit were apparently allowed to bring weapons into a club to fight with?!

I actually just got back from Gold's where I trained Mr Olympia.

"I've never heard the "I train UFC" thing before"

You must be the only one here without a myspace account

  I would have armbared her

JohnMc - "I've never heard the "I train UFC" thing before"

You must be the only one here without a myspace account

I meant, i've never heard it personally, in real life...

according to my mom i wrestle

I'm training in "Pride" right now. I'm old school.

"I meant, i've never heard it personally, in real life..."

Ok. Luckily we haven't gotten that far here yet. We're still in the head to toe Tap-out gear stage. The Affliction stuff is starting to trickle in though.