Motivate me...please

I have stopped to train 1 months ago and i am doing nothing right now (sportively speaking).

I love grappling and fighting but i feel so lasy right now. moreover i am 23 years old and i realise more and more that i will do nothing great in this sport (bye bye UFC, Pride, shooto).

I really want to go back to the training. can some of you post some motivational staff in order to get me back in the spirit to grab and destroy?

from 18 to 22 years old, i believed in myself and in my training but now i work a full time job and it seems to me that all the dream are over.

so you're surrendering, in other words

steamfitter just gichocked the correct..i am going back to training tonight...thanks. lol

Take time off if you need, space out and train at some other gym, learn a new sport or something. Then go back and train hard

I see a lot of people who lose motivation on doing interesting things in their life. Soon they fall into the rut of going to work then coming home and watching 4 hours of TV. The next thing you know they have put on 25lbs, have high blood pressure, and just wasted 10 years of their life. That's why 60% of Amercians are overweight. You only get 1 shot at life, you should do everything you can to make yours extrordinary. On their death bed no one ever says I should have spent more time at work or watching more TV. Every new day is a chance to make yourself exceptional.

just wait til you're 33. it's even harder to get off the couch. just give up and become a french fry.

just wait til you're 33. it's even harder to get off the couch. just give up and become a french fry.

working definately fucks with your training sometimes. ESPECIALLY if you work night shift. just remember you will get your ass kicked next time you fight if you DONT train hard enough. fo sho.

true dat.

You said yourself that you 'love grappling and fighting.' So start doing it again. If you really dig it, the training will be it's own motivation.

And even if you never win a major MMA match, that doesn't stop you from turning yourself into a seriously rough and tumble dude.

That's certainly what I plan on.

Also, Airspeed and Rodney Poldrack are correct.


Diversify your training. Train with other people. Training can become stale if you are training with the same people and doing the same things all of the time.That has been my experience. If you don't see improvements, motivation drops like a rock.Also understand that results will often level off for apparently no reason. That is a time when people usually stop training. You never see anyone stop training when they are in the middle of receiving big results. Work on some different drills. Get an instructional tape and get some ideas from that (Chris Brennan and Eddie Bravo have had great reviews on their DVD's).Here's another great idea that helped with my motivation a lot in the past...Go to and purchase a couple of their video magazines (ringworm, american penetration, etc). Those are really motivational for me. It shows some really cool matches by great grapplers. Also shows some behind the scenes stuff...and it makes the grappling world seem so entertaining. It's strange, but watching those really made me want to train harder.

I think TheAx just summed it up really well. Watch as much
ADCC dvds as you can, get some instructionals, change your
diet, change your workout routine, and do your best to eat as
healthy as you can. i think the healthy diet is the most

you're not alone jujubre. i've been very depressed and had
to quit for a while do to illness and it's really frustrating, so I've
been working out (riding the bike/lifting weights) and just
training with my buddy Tom and my grappling dummy. I don't
have the energy or explosiveness to compete or train hard,
but the word "quit" is not in my vocabulary, don't give up.

it's ok to lack motivation, we all do at times. just don't let it
consume you.

stick with it and best of luck to you. you can always count on
your UG brothers for help.


thanks everyone....

whaaa..nice pic!!!


im sure buddie will be on here with some great inspirational post. TTT

I am 36 with a full-time job and 3 year old. Training helps keep me sane.

But you dont sound like you are ready to stop beleiving that UFC/Pride can happen. At 23 I would say that giving up on this dream is bullshit. Maybe it aint gunna happen right now, and maybe it wont happen ever. But at 23 years of age the problem is more likely to be that you cannot see a pathway for it to happen. My advice is to step back and take some time to just focus on improving and/or rebuilding your game then see where it takes you.

You have made the mistake of focusing on your dream rather than the steps you have got to make to achieve your dream. Set yourself a goal to BE GOOD ENOUGH to compete in UFC or Pride in 2009 at the ripe old age of 28 (ie the start of your competitive peak in five years time)and then maybe your dream is not dead, even with a full time job and a few stumbles along the way.

PS Great photo