Motivate Me!!!!

I am 34, have always stayed in good shape, regular workout schedules, pretty decent diet and energy levels, but have been being a lazy beta bitch lately and cannot seem to get my ass in gear!!! WTF, other than getting old?!? Can u guys help a brother out and reignite the fire?!? Thnx Phone Post 3.0

yo dont need mtivation fk it all i tell you , become a buddhist monk, you will understand and enjoy life better

You're going to be a homeless bum if you don't any motivation. Your family is gonna hate you until you die. Phone Post

I thought about the monk route, but i am not giving up sex for anybody or anything, so that's out!! I just feel like a fukkin slob but just cant get my lazy ass on track!!! Phone Post 3.0

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Legit lol!!! Phone Post 3.0

Start a jogging regimen. You will hate it at first, but after you are done, you will feel a million times better. I like getting it out of the way early and you feel like you have accomplished something.

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Mihow - Smoke a J and watch a movie and order a pizza Phone Post 3.0
Tried that except i played video games instead of watching a movie, didnt seem to help!! Phone Post 3.0


I hear you op. It sounds to me like you haven't reached your calling yet.

For some it's trying to make a billion dollars, for others its to raise a family or have offspring, some its a full-filling career, and some its to simply go surfing at the taxpayers expense.

None of these have a right or wrong. I'm nearly 40 and was lucky enough to find and achieve mine, you know it when you do it, the hard part is moving on from it or trying to better it for YOUR SELF SATISFACTION.

So my best advice from a very lucky guy who found his. Figure out what drives your inside passion and fire, and chase it!

Fuck it might be training dogs or building bathrooms, but you will know it.

Experience is NOT necessary.

If you truly have the burning need and think about it all the time (not sex you clown) you will become one of the best at it because its your own determination that makes you the best. No money, no promotions, or recognition are required, it's all for you....

I hope you listen to what I say.

I left a very well paying job to pursue my goal and sacrificed back to less than half the salary I was on, and worked my way into the area I wanted without any qualifications (IT) and ended up designing about 6 years later a program for a company that will probably be used for the next 15 or so years and has shaped that multinational company forever. And hopefully made that industry look into a different way of dealing with data and information. I ended up getting close to the wage i originally left. And working MUCH less hours and become virtually my own boss because the company was just so good to me. (Less stress)

I think because they understood they had someone who wasn't just going to clock in and out, but was a smart worker, because I was always thinking making things better. It was in my blood almost. (Management only want results regardless of the sector at your age you know this by now, especially the higher upnthe ladder you go the less the hours matter compared to the results).

Fuck I'm rambling..... but i wanted to show you what happens when the drive is about your dreams and not, money or other things.

Anyhow now I'm injured and can no longer work, but the irony is I still get the odd job offer for more money to help build new systems for other companies in similar fields. And have just put a little money into a business with some people in the hope my we can get that off the ground and I will be able to at least 'watch' from the sidelines as an advisory investor, if the business works out (as I still can't work)

So you see if I hadn't taken that chance 10 year's ago I would have been a little wealthier, a LOT more stressed out. And be disabled without any business opportunity and having my life left with a void. (A HUGE WHAT IF).

Because believe me, I would run, swim, and gym, almost every night and party on the weekends, but it just become so routine, it was finding my passion that made me feel complete inside.

Mine was simply making a career out of a hobby and proving that the concepts and ideas I had were VERY real world usable. ie. I have a creative talent in IT and I didn't need a degree to know it.

So it wasn't trying to be Bill Gates, or have kid's that did it for me.

BUT everyone is different, so find yours before time finds you and that void is a permanent part of your life.

See the grumpy old fuckers on the streets I bet that's the voids.

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I hear good yhings about meth for encouraging a more active lifestyle. Phone Post 3.0

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