motivation help

Hello everyone, I have been doing bjj for almost 2 years. Last new year resolution my main goal was to train as much as possible. I was able to follow my goal until about the middle of may when I hurt my back(non bjj related). That injury put me out about 7 weeks, I couldn't carry anything(laundry basket, groceries, anything. during that time I moved and was forced to change gyms.

When my back got better I looked at gyms in my new area and found a sweet place that I enjoy going to. After my first week I almost cut 2 fingers off at work....boom another 2 months where I couldn't get on the mats, due to healing, grip issues etc.

Around October when I was fully healed my work schedule changed to the point where I could only make class 1 night a week. I was going that 1 night a week until November and haven't been back since. Now I can make it to any class I want, but being injured the work schedule and other issues have added up and now I have NO motivation at all to get to the gym.

It sucks when I was going it was my favorite thing to do, my diet got better, I was happier. Now my life is in a lull, i almost make up reasons to not go.

Has anyone here gone thru this kind of stretch, and what did you do to get out of it. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

Just go Phone Post

Ya totally have. I think I make excuses not to go and blame others why I didn't go. If it makes you happier when you train just do it. Phone Post