Motley Fool

Anybody have any opinions on them? ( Anybody get their regular newsletters or subscribe to their Hidden Gems or Champion Funds?

What's the forums take on the Fool?

one of my favorite sites

Very good site. The 'gem' is in their discussion boards. It caters for the neophyte, as well as the more experienced investor.

As far as stock picking, I'm not a big fan of the fool. When I started out in '96, I was an avid reader then stopped around '98. Check out IBD at and see what you think.

I pay for the forums, they are well worth it. I don't use or read anything else on the site.

Shinken4 - you read the Fool too? Cool. I've been receiving their mails for several months now. Havent really looked at the site though.

Does anybody use their stock pics?