MotoGP 2021

Opinions on the current season ?


More exciting without Marquez in my opinion. It seems tyre management is the main theme tho.

Not sure who I fancy this year, hoping someone makes me a fan in the next few races.

Who do you like?

Tough to see Rossi slummin’ with the Satellites. He was almost killed on track last year, I think he’s crazy to keep going.

I’m gonna go with MV vs MM this year…without Rossi in his hair I think Maverick will get his mojo back like in 2017,before he had his tires stolen by the old man.

Probably right.
What’s that about the tyres?

MV was on fire when he came to the big class until a certain someone had a boo-hoo about the tires and they got changed.

This someone is well known to sabotage his rivals and even teammate when necessary, and has been cockblocking a prime seat for at least 10 years.

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In hoping Rossi still has something in the tank but it’s not looking good this season. I too wish he would retire before suffering a nasty injury. That near miss last season should have driven the point home.
Maverick is looking great. I think the Ducs will get it together eventually though.

What got changed?

Don’t they decide themselves what tyres they run.

I know the brand got changed a few years ago for all riders but I thought that was like a sponsor type thing with moto gp.

Hopefully, theyve got extra power which suits some tracks but they seem to wreck their tyres too early.

Commentators seem to think Mir has good race pace this weekend if he doesn’t get held up at the start.

I can see quite a few doing the same as vinales last week, holding back then going for it last 10 laps. Ducs could do well in that case I think.

I just watched the race from last week. To drop from second to fourth in the last straight away is rough.

The power difference with the ducatis almost seems like cheating. Must be so frustrating. He did mess up first tho.

Yeah he took that last turn wide but still, those ducatis pulled on him like it was nothing. To the point that I thought something happened to his bike.

Yesterday’s GP was insanely close! Love it.

Would be interesting to see what Marquez can do this year , the Honda looks bad though

MotoGP is going to get real interesting when Marc comes back just to see where he is at but honestly I would not be surprised if he wins in Portugal.

As for Valentino unless he makes something happen soon it might be all over with that performance clause in his contract.

I just want to see Rossi on the podium at least once more before he’s done.

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In…going to try and follow this season

VR has been done for a long time now, when was the last win? Petronas didnt want him either. They keep him around for name value and T-shirt sales but a 40 year old cant race 20 somethings.

Just the way it is.

Haven’t kept up with the sport, but used to be a huge fan back when Freddie Spencer was winning everything and Eddie Lawson was always trying to catch him. Would like to see some of the current races this year.

This stuff is amazing.

Friday practice done Marq the 8 time 6 Motogp world championships is back! How do you guys think he will do?