Motor City Comma Con

So far Roddy Piper (may need a figure suggestion from Mr. Black)

and Daniel Laruso. Too bad the 86 Karate Kid carded figures are like $200. Probably have a photo or poster signed.

Cool story? Phone Post 3.0

I have a toy coconut signed by Piper, and a kilt

When is the con? I have an awesome "They Live" print that I'd love to get signed by him. Might be worth the drive up from Chicago Phone Post 3.0

Not until May, so plenty of time!

Let me know. Last year I met Bret Hart and Hacksaw. I passed on Beefcake and The Nasty Boys. Phone Post 3.0

badgas - You are an excellent young man, Art.

Did Hacksaw have snot in his nose when you met him?
He has toaster ovens for fists Phone Post 3.0

Actually, this thread sucks. Sorry guys Phone Post 3.0