Motor Trend C6 Z06 stats......:)

0-60 - 3.5 secs

1/4 mile - 11.5 @ 127.1 m/ph

lateral acceleration - 1.05 g avg

0-100 - 7.4 seconds

0-150 - 17 seconds

braking 60-0 - 104 ft

Nurburgring - 7:42.9

Gas mileage - 19/28 mpg

Say hello to the worlds newest (and most affordable) super car.


wow. Its a 7.0L engine too.

Thats better than an EVO.


nothing's better than an EVO, didn't you get the memo?

Better than a WRX?


"Thats better than an EVO"


the gas mileage numbers are very impressive.

at least GM got something right with the LSx engine.

Does the one with the ArmbarKing jizz stain cost more or less?

Oh yeah, and Randy is fighting in Apex this weekend! Woot!

wow, those are amazing stats. Say goodbye to your viper sales Dodge.

The engine is a 400? I thought they were sticking with the 346?

And DAMN@that 1/4 mph number. Slicks will get that car into the 10s, no problem.

It's actually a 428. 7 x 61.1 = 427.7

I will most likely be at apex this weekend too:) Who is randy and who is he fighting?

Guy we train with is having his first fight against some dude, from Michigan I think.

Haha Hey Ironbar how's it goin!

That's great for Randy, I am sure he is gonna do great at Apex!

Hopefully I will be seeing you guys tomorrow night!

Michigan = tough MFer.


oh ya, 7.0=427, how soon we forget these things :P

We'll see...assuming his Chevy doesn't break down getting to the weigh ins. Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhh...rim shot

"at least GM got something right with the LSx engine."

They've had most things right with it from the get go, what does this even mean?

very impressive.

However, it shares nothing at all with an old 427. It's actually a 428.


well '427' conjures up some old-car nostalgia, so for reasons of clarity it might be best to not name it a 427.

You could probably buy a new Mustang GT, for the price of the insurance on that beast...