Motorcycle insurance?

I found a slightly used (699 miles) 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250 while I was scooter shopping today, what's the insurance like on those things? I've heard it was dirt cheap and I've also heard it was quite expensive. But I figured it might be worth a few bucks a month to be able to go more than 40 mph and get laid every now and then. Thanks.

where do you live?

Arkansas. 23 years old, not too good driving history.

damn,if you lived in ny i could see what i could do for you.

Ninja 250 does not = get laid

600, 750 possibly

call dairyland insurance for a quote.

I have a 2006 CBR600, am 36, and use State farm. I pay $16 a month full coverage. I called Progressive and they wanted $3000 a year!! Crazy!

Ninja 250 = get laid way more often than I would on a 49cc scooter, which is what I originally was looking for.

SRO, that's exactly the thing I'm talking about. A guy I work with said his dad's motorcycle insurance is like $150 a year, while another guy said his was more than his truck insurance. WTF is that all about?

I got my first bike when I was 23, also a CBR600, through State farm and it was almost $40 a month at that age and un-married.
Who are you with right now?

Progressive lol

I've got a friend of a friend who's a State Farm agent though so I'll give her a call tomorrow.

yea i work for state farm.we ususally have have kickass rates.

Pick up the phone and ask someone that works in the insurance business....lazy ass

Did you call them and get the $3000 a year quote?
I also have two cars through them so I get a little discount. It isn't much though.

i'm in the motorcycle business, and i'm telling you that progressive and dairyland have the best rates

How do you get good rates from progressive? I could not find anyone cheaper than my State farm Agent.

well i have an `04 cbr 1000rr. american family wanted like $1400 a year!! state farm was $380 then i switched all my ins to them and it went down to like $285 a year.

1600 a year on a 2003 CBR 954...29 years it w/ Progressive insurance. full coverage, $1000 deductible.

I wish I had gone with a liter bike. I went back to a 600 becasue it had been a few years since I have had a bike.
Acutally I am looking at a 2003 CBR954. I know it got good reviews and seemed to handle better around town than the new CBR1000's.
One here has 3500 miles, is garage kept, looks brand new and he wants $5500. I think I would like it better for everyday driving then the new liter bikes.

Progressive imo