Motorcycle riders

I'm looking into getting my first bike sometime during the summer. Everyone keeps telling me how dangerous they are and how they're are two kinds of riders ones who haven't wrecked and ones who have. I live out in a rural area so I'm not around a lot of traffic. I'm just freaked out that I might crash and be paralyzed. Am I over reacting or not? Phone Post 3.0

No one has any advice? Phone Post 3.0

I've put my bike down a few times. The worst resulted in my leg getting shredded up on the pavement, but nothing that required medical attention, just a lot of gauze. And in every instance, I was able to pick up my bike and start it back up.

So, keep in mind that "wrecked" covers a broad spectrum of accidents.

I've never had a serious accident, touch wood. Partly luck and partly riding defensively. That includes riding regularly through heavy city traffic, all around Sri Lanka, Northern Pakistan and South West USA.

Maintain your bike.
Wear gear not just for protection but to stay warm/dry/comfortable. If all you can think about is how shitty you feel you lose focus.
Carry cheap rain gear packed down small if there's any chance of bad weather or cold.
No one can see you or hear you. Stay out of blind spots, get away from cars whenever you can.
Surfaces matter a lot on two wheels. Gravel and wet greasy asphalt are totally different to dry concrete. Your braking and lean angle need to change too.
Clean and anti-fog your visor. Riding into bright light and suddenly just seeing your own fingerprints sucks, it would be a shit way to die also.
You will feel like you are a great rider about the six month mark. You won't be.
Riding a scooter drunk and in flip flops doesn't stop being a bad idea because everyone else is doing it.

This is a weird one but if you're riding in the desert, fill a camelback with 3:1 ice:water in the morning. It will melt and keep you cool, plus you'll have cold water for a while at least. Phone Post 3.0

What they mostly mean is most everyone will go down eventually, whether that is pulling the front brake too hard while turning and dumping the bike or going into a turn pretty deep and running into some sand or gravel, there's just so many variables.

Ride safe and smart, and the chances dramatically decrease. And also please, wear a helmet, even if you wear nothing else Phone Post 3.0

Not to jack the thread, but if anyone needs a place to crash for Sturgis this year, hit me up Phone Post 3.0