Mount Escape Question


In your BJJ 101 Revised DVD, you show a mount escape when your opponent is mounted high on your chest. You put your hands in the armpits and push them over your head and then place one of your feet in their armpit and grab their wrist on the same side. You then push with your foot and pull their wrist with your hand and you end up in their guard.

I find this escape works very well when I am able to get ahold of their wrist after pushing them over my head, but the majority of times, their wrist is well out of my reach because they reached too far forward to catch their balance. Do you have any tips on how to catch their wrist easier?



if you can't catch their wrist, you can continue to roll over your shoulder coming to your knees behind them into a scramble situation.


There will be times when you can't grab their wrist. When this happens, you'll need to follow up with the "rolling" escape on BJJ 201 DVD (I think I put it on this DVD).

Roy Harris