Mount escapes in MMA???

I'm not a huge spectator of MMA as compared to some of the posters here. But after watching Couture's last two fights I was wondering how hard is it to escape the mount in an MMA situation? I noticed Chuck and Tito didn't seem do too much to escape Chuck's mount other than cover up or try to use their feet. Since I know some of you fight MMA, I was curious about practical mount escapes for MMA. What works, what doesn't?


The backdoor escape usually works well, but it's gonna be very hard to defend punches and escape from such a bad position. Espcially if the guy is strong, or has really good base (i.e. Randy Couture).

well, you drill mount escapes as much as any other bad position. But Randy Couture isn't your average sparring partner, and he dont lose position to easily.

Can you escape the mount? Yes. But it aint easy when a guy that caliber gets position on you AND he is throwing punches.

My teammate and buddy Chris Seifert is a purple belt in BJJ and has been fighting for a long time. He has been against some tough guys and held his own. He is also a big guy in the 220 range at 6'1" probably.

He went to Oregon to train for a week and he said Couture got sidemount on him twice and he coudlnt move. HE said there was just absolutely no movement despite his best efforts.

with a horse on top of you like Couture--it is hard as hell


I'm sure the Couture factor is a big part of why Tito and Chuck looked pretty helpless. I just didn't think I saw any valid attempts that I know of and figured it had to do with the striking factor also. Thanks for the insight. Any more posts on this would be appreciated also.


" I was wondering how hard is it to escape the mount in an MMA situation?" hard... get a buddy to mount you and tee off with boxing gloves... then try escaping...

I believe Frank shamrock has the best mount escape's so look to him for high percentage escapes without taking damage,I think he does three types of bridges and a hip pop. Hope this helps your question.

This is a good thread question.

I think judging the difficulty of escaping a position when Randy is the oponnent is not the best of situations to judge by. Randy is a freak and his positioning is top notch it will take much more to escape his mount than most other fighters.

I think the thing in MMA with escaping the mount is that you have to decide that you are going to eat a few punches in order to escape. Once you decide that is your plan of action you should be able to escape if you fully committ to it.

Oh and Randy not only has "Dad" strength he has "Man" strength.

That is correct, he is one of the few who has dad and man strength. Plus to top it all off he fought heavyweights for years and was usually the smaller guy.

by placing your hands on there hips just as there mounting and exploding them off you to an angle works extremly well!