Mount pics finally (pics)

They didnt turn out that good because I was rushed, but hopefully this will help. I am buying a video camera soon so if it doesnt make sense, Ill tape it.

First, I start in the mount will hugging his head tightly to not allow him to slip his right hand between my biceps and his neck. Keep your head off his centerline and use your heels as hooks into his butt to keep him from rolling you. You want your weight slightly favoring the side your arm is posted on.

Next, I slip my arm under his right arm and clasp my hands, immediately lifting my elbow to prevent him from trapping my arm against his body. In this position you have to really know how to secure your mount with your weight and by using your hooks into his butt. Here you are as vulnerable to being rolled over as you are when you lock both hands in a basic lapel choke, so use all the same principles to maintain your mount.

Here you can see the lift of the elbow. I found this to be more powerful than walking my hand up on the mat. I lift the elbow as far as I can take it up toward his ear.

Once you get the elbow as high as you can, plant your hand on the mat. I dont like to plant it too close to the head because I feel like the opponent resists too much because of the obvious danger, which makes it difficult to take advantage of any mistake he might make, but shen has a great system for handling that (I'll take my camera so that he can show you). Also, note that I keep my arm close enough to him that he cant escape his arm.

Here is where the pics dont really do their job. When my hand was planted on the mat, it creates a bit of a stalemate. If he doesnt move, I dont really like to force him to try. I wait for him to try to escape, which inevitably involves bringing his arm up closer to his head because my arm prevents it from moving away from the head. Once he does, I circle my head behind his arm and push behind his elbow with my right hand. Once my head is behind his elbow, I drop my head, but not too low. I like to keep my head near the elbow for maximum leverage. I then clas my hands the same way I had them clasped when I was setting this up (my right hand palm down, my left palm up)

I prop my elbow out to make it harder for him to bridge to his left and free the arm.

You can hop out of the mount to the side, but I feel like I might give him some space when I do, so instead I put pressure on the neck to get him to worry about the choke while I circle my foot toward my butt and hook it outside his hip.

Finally, I finish my leaning my weight over his head while resting just my knee against the top of his hip. You dont need to squeeze much...your weight does most of the work if you are close enough to his elbow.

Hope this helps.

Cool will try this tonight if I get mount.

Could you please clarify "hooks in his butt" part of this method?

NICE details, andre, thanks for sharing that!

cool pictorial

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Good stuff though. 


I've always finished my side chokes the Mario Sperry way.

My body's at a right angle to his, my chin in his eye, chest and throat on his arm making the pressure.

I always struggled to get the tap when my body stayed parallel to my opponents.

" Could you please clarify "hooks in his butt" part of this method?"

Unique, I used to always get rolled from the mount, until I took a private from Ryron and asked him how he maintains the position. He showed me a way to squeeze the heel of the foot into the butt on the opposite side your opponent is bridging, so if my opponent bridges to his right, I will squeeze my right heel into his butt and drop my hip on that side as if I were trying to meet my heel and my butt together.

"Cargo pants are not for grappling! "

I know! Sorry about the plumber's crack.

"I always struggled to get the tap when my body stayed parallel to my opponents."

I know which finish you are talking about, but I only just learned it and havent added it to my game yet. So far, the parallel finish has always worked for me. I do not squeeze the head, really, just lean my weight over it and drop the rest of my body into the mat. Then I hold and they either go out or tap, but it doesnt take long.

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cargo pants are the height of fashion.

Damn you Andre I clicked on this thread because I thought it was something else.

Cool techniques I though.

Thanks, but what did you think it was?

Maybe something involving one of your brazilian hottie friends.

I think we all would of payed more attention to the details if one of them was involved in the demo. :) time, for sure.

Awesome. That is one of my very favorite progressions as well!

Andre, I also use the same starting and control position in the mount a lot where you have one arm underhooked the head and you lean your weight toward the other hand that is posted out. I also like to press my shoulder down on my opponent's face so he is looking in one direction and it's really hard for him to turn his head. This way it keeps him from being able to bridge or rotate.

Cool...Thanks! I'll try that out!

Nice setup. I've been using the arm triangle more lately and have been thinking about how to get it from mount. I'll have to give this a try since I never have success with the crawling hands and elbow pulling that most people do, and this looks promising.

Rockwell explains some finer points of finishing the arm triangle here:

I have been working on finish it this way and everyone I have gotten it one remarks on how quickly it starts putting them out. I even got it on ~330 lbs. wrestler who I normally wouldn't have even thought to try an arm triangle on, because the usual mata leao grip most people teach would never have closed around him. I showed this method to my instructor, who normally distains Internet Jiu-Jitsu, but he was impressed with it and says he's going to start teaching it instead.

thanks for the pics ~ very useful!

Good stuff Andreh.  Very similar to how I do it as well.