Mount sinai “found”. Prepare religious nuts

Awesome! So what do we do about Moses not actually existing?

Ron Wyatt claimed this a long time ago.

First post nails it yet again.

I thought he “found” Noah’s Ark

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Jews dont believe in the guy who freed the jews?

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Ron Wyatt? The tater salad guy?

I’m not religious and no he didn’t free the Jews because most likely the Jews were never slaves and wouldn’t need freeing.

Not jews. Israelites.

I didn’t realize it was lost.

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He claimed he found the Red Sea crossing of Sinai and the Arc of the Covenant as well.

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the wolf of wall street idgaf GIF

Israeli Americans

So you are antisemitic. Slavery denier. Got it.


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There is zero evidence whatsoever there were any Jews in Egypt, ever

So what were these people freed from?

He’s mad at me because I destroyed his “jews run the world” conspiracy theory. Ignore him.