Mousasi vs. Macdonald set for September

Source: Bellator champions Gegard Mousasi and Rory MacDonald set for Sept. 29 showdown

I can’t see this looking good for Macdonald

Mousasi walked him right into this fight, bad choice for Macdonald imo

I think this match was made more because the MW division is so thin right now more so than to make the superfight.

That said, I am very pumped for this fight.

I think this fight will look worse than when Rory tried to claim Moose lost based on damage 27-30 to Schlemenko and then proceeded to get his legs kicked off by Lima and had to lay his way to victory. 

Gegard Mousasi to defend Bellator middleweight title against Rory MacDonald in September

— Marc Raimondi (@marc_raimondi) June 21, 2018

They did not need to this fight now.

Shlemenko just left the promotion but Salter and Lovato both did enough to earn shots.

26-3 Tokov could have also earned a shot with a win over one of those guys,

Njokuani and Larkin are also there.

Manhoef is also returning to Bellator.

Mous is going to destroy his leg.

I think Rory has got this.

great fight 

a legit superfight. i'd take gay guard over whitaker and red king over woodly in a rematch. won't pay for it though as i'm a cheap bastard

Props to Rory for taking this fight. 

This takes a lot of balls by Rory. Going up to fight an equally skilled and experienced fighter who will have a legit 15 lbs on him.

Remember Mousasi used to compete at LHW.

I ready to Salter, Lovato, and Tokov get big fights.

Especially Tokov, dude is 26-2 and has not had many big fights in his career.

Moose destroys Rory and I'm Canadian

I’ve got Rory by anything he wants. The will and age being the most important aspect.Two of my favorite artists. Respect !

Moussasi by dec

I don’t bet against Rory anymore. 

Big fan of Moose tho too. 

Props to Bellator for making this fight and props to Rory for taking it. I wouldn't want a Bellator loss on either of these guys' records of i was Bellator.

I think Mousasi wins but I don't think he'll do it as easily as some of you think. He is a great fighter but vastly overrated around here. His record looks great lately, but besides the Weidman win, he hasnt fought an elite fighter in four years....and that elite fighter (Jacare) choked him out. His Weidman win wasn't very clean, either, with the knee controversy. The reality is that Weidman was handily beating him on points up until that point and would have probably continued to take him down and mount him had the fight continued. Regardless of how much damage he was doing, I think Weidman had four or five takedowns and two or three full mounts in those seven or eight minutes of fighting. Mousasi was clearly winning on the feet but if he can't stay on his feet, the judges don't care. I think Mousasi DID deserve the win with that knee but I don't think he'd be able to do it again.

Mousasi owns Bellator, even though Schlemenko gave him a good fight, but Whittaker, Romero, Rockhold and probably even Gastelum all work him over, as well as Jacare and likely Weidman again.

Let the hate begin!

Gonna be a good fight. I like them both.  Can’t pick one 

Great big fighter vs great little fighter we know how it goes