Mouthpiece during BJJ practice

This week i had my first BJJ practice, after a long lay off.

I went to a new Gym, and i noticed many students wearing a mouthpiece. In my former BJJ gym and throughout my extensive time in Judo, i never came across one person wearing a mouthpiece. I've also never had 1, during BJJ or judo practice..

Offcourse, i can see the benefit of it. It's a contact sport, and there's always the chance of damaging your teeth. But i would like to know: If you train BJJ (or Judo) do you wear one?

Depends. In the gyms that have fighters and are training for fights, they tend to go a little harder, and with a bit more contact. Nothing intentionally harmful, just the way that they need to train. At the same gym, during the gi classes I don't usually wear the mouthpiece. Phone Post

I roll with a mouthpiece, which is probably a good thing since I leave my neck out a lot and usually end up fighting off chokes.

 I did when I first started but not anymore.

I do during rolling. I bit my cheek/tongue too many times so I decided to wear one. Phone Post

I always wear one during grappling practice. I've been hit in the face by arms, legs, shoulders, heads, while training.

I remember one time I went from closed guard to open guard (right foot on the hip, left shin across the chest) and I accidently raised my left shin too high--slamming my left knee into my training partners jaw. Luckily for him, he was wearing a mouthpiece.

It's the same thing with cups. In judo, no one wears one. In BJJ, some do, and some don't.

I personally DO wear a cup, and now i'm in a little bit of doubt about the mouthpiece. I have training in a couple of hours, but think i'll leave the mouthpiece @home. :)

Hearing the Guerrero story, i'm beginning to doubt again hahaha..

The thing is, i hate those things. I get the gag reaction. It was always a problem during muay thai practice.

I don't. We have a few people that do though, I just haven't found a reason for me to wear one yet.. knocks on wood

Though yesterday i did get realllly close to biting my tongue lol. Kinda scared me. But still won't be wearing one just yet ;D Phone Post


one stray elbow will probably persuade you to wear one, almost got my teeth knocked out during a "flow roll", yeah...

Cyril Jeff -  
one stray elbow will probably persuade you to wear one, almost got my teeth knocked out during a "flow roll", yeah...

Lol, gotta love those super crazy flow rolls.. Phone Post

I've seen chipped teeth happen. Always worth it to me to wear a mouth guard. Phone Post

I have a titanium one

hmm... i think i'll put my mouthpiece in my trainingbag...

I like my teeth how they are..



your teeth are worth the 1 dollar spent.

 I ALWAYS wear one while rolling.

Yep, i'll always wear a mouthpiece.. dont want to risk my teeth with the shitty health insurance i have.

It can help with cardio and its one less thing to worrie about.