I saw a thread on here a few weeks ago about mouthpieces. Can someone please ttt it for me or recommend the best type of mouthpieces? The one I have from the local sports store just doesn't fit right and makes it difficult to breath.


i said it before and ill say it again...shock doctor all the way!!

Done if thats the one you're looking for - "Information on BiteMe Mouthguards!"

Link to BiteMe Thread

Thanks. I'll check these out. Right now I have three cuts in my lip from my teeth going into them so I'm definitely needing a good mouthpiece.

I have a mouthpiece question, has anyone tried that new WIPSS thing? The Pro Air one? I love the original WIPSS (actually i'm ordering a new one right now since i lost my old one). But i'm interested in hearing if anyone has tried their new one? Looks quite star trekky

Okay, I looked at the different Bite Me pieces. It recommends the Mako for wrestling but the Great White for kickboxing, etc. I'm only doing BJJ right now so I think the Mako would work.

Biggest thing holding me back from the Great White is the thickness. Can anyone speak about the difference? Seems like I've had all mouthpieces that are so large that it's really difficult to work out with them in so I don't wear them. Is the thickness difference marginal and not noticable?

Thanks again.

I've really liked my Shockdoctor, comfy, not too big, and good price.

baldilocks, the thickness is not a problem. I have the thick one and wrestle, box, kickbox, etc.with it with no problem. You can still talk with it in, and it's not uncomfortable at all.

I like

just bought a new WIPSS, i hope it arrives soon lol, i'm not feeling too safe with this 5$ temp one. I ask agian has anyone tried the new WIPSS? Pro Air something

when it comes to mouthpieces, think of it this way.... you hear people talk about liking/disliking shockdoctor, whipps, etc. But you never hear about people disliking custom mouthpieces like opro and BITE ME. The only people that prefer other mouthpieces have never worn a custom fit mouthpiece.

And the thing about double mouthguards keeping you from getting knocked out is dumb. If you get hit on the button, you're going down no matter what you're wearing.

Thanks nokuout. That's what I was wanting to hear. Now is there a big difference between the Make (mid level) and the Great White (top end)? Just wondering if the extra money is worth it.

I've never used the WIPSS piece but don't like the mouthpieces that are on the top and bottom.

The specifics between the two thicknesses I don't know about. I know that before I found BITE ME, I used an opro and had both their thin and thick one. Not a huge difference, but I liked the added protection of the thick one for boxing. Don't know if it was needed, but I felt better wearing it.

I'm guessing the BITE ME is the same. Call Joe at BITE ME mouthguards and he will answer your questions better. His number is on the link above.

I prefer doubles because as soon as I get winded slightly, I am a mouth breather. Using a good double such as a WIPSS allows breathing throught he mouth while still retaining a bite to protect your jaw. I don't care what your wearing, if you get caught with your mouth open and jaw loose, it'll be easier to put you down than if your jaw is tight.

I recently bought a ShockDoctor Pro youth size at Sports Authority. Boiled it, molded it for my bottom teeth, and used it sparring with my other shock doctor on top. The two together gave a good gap for breathing, but not so thick as to be uncomfortable. I'm gonna continue testing this setup, to see how it works out.

I got my mouthpiece and wanted to give Biteme another recommendation. It fits great and I have yet to loose any teeth! Seriously, it is the best mouthpiece I have ever used.

Joe has great customer service and will work with idiots like me.

They are the best out there. Customer service is better than anywhere else. That alone is worth buying one.