Movement Drill For Miyao Style Guard Pass

A drill that will help your movement, especially if you are implementing the modern style into your competetion game.

Thanks for the post- the pass is nice.

That is slick as hell. Phone Post

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Nice! Looks a lot like what Keenan did in his match with Cyborg.

I like the drill Phone Post



this is beyond me man.. i'm WAY out the loop. looks nice but I am confused as hell. i am dated.

Looks useful if you like to do the leg drag off the berimbolo. Very cool.

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watch the match with keenan cornerlius vs cyborg.. kennan hit this pass sick in transition but cyborg inverted at the end to avoid the full pass.

Super useful stuff. Even if you're not into the double guard pull/upside-down footsies game, being able to perform this type of transition makes your leg drag pass so much more dangerous.

Brilliant! Phone Post

ttt for later

nice drill.

Thanks, glad you guys enjoyed.