movement during judo

I have a queston for the board. Ive been out of judo for about 5 months (work,school). I am going to start back soon. During my break I thought a lot about judo and how I did during class. One thing I noticed is during rondori I would walk up to the guy and take a standard grip. I would just stand their in a firm position trying to get a throw. After watching a lot of judo clips on the net and thinking how the higher ranking guys did judo, the lack of movement on my part is standing out. So, when I go back, during rondori, should I push, pull, move around, and basically be rough with my partner? Thanks for the help


Movement creates opporitunity. If he's "set" it's going to be very hard to get him off balance let alone ipponed.

Snap down, push, pull. grip and take a step backwards.. etc. to make him move and use what he gives you.

movement can be created in lots of different ways. the direction you should move the most is simply the one that you feel most natural with and still allows you to attack your favorite throw.

moving your feet isnt enough though. movement has to be co-ordinated with your upper body-- especially your wrists and elbows. if you make mistakes with those then it wont matter how much moving you are doing, things wont work and youll get thrown all the same.