Moves only on DVD/Vids, not books?

Are there any moves (be they submissions, escapes, ways to hold a position, etc.) that you have only seen demonstrated on a particular instructionals DVD/Vid(s) that you've never seen in any book on BJJ/Submission Wrestling?

I ask this because books, generally speaking, contain more moves in them than DVD/Vid(s) can and are easier to carry around, and even to purchase, for obvious reasons, but at the same time I don't wanna miss out on certain techniques, or variations on them, that may only be available on a particular instructional, so I'd like to know if there are any, which ones they are, and where they can be found.

Again, I am not looking to replace my instructor through use of instructional books, DVDs, or Videos, just to supplement the instruction, use them to review, or to get a different take on things when I can't roll or have some free time.

Your responses (serious and intelligent) are appreciated.

I find that some of the subtleties of movement are lost through books.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have TONS of bjj, judo, and wrestling books. I LOVE BOOKS.

But I do find that there is a certain subtle level of detail that requires "seeing it in motion".

Correct timing is also very difficult to convey in a book.


I couldn't even begin to make a list but instructionals are way ahead of books in this sport. 

I agree that books make a nice reference but are not good to learn a move from exclusively.  I like what budovideos did with the Baret Yoshida book.  The book describes the details of a technique with pictures and the attendant DVD shows the moves being quickly demonstrated.  All the moves are numbered so you can access them quickly on the DVD but take the book with you anywhere.

Budovideos also seems to have a second book/DVD, by Alberto Crane. Anyone seen this one?