Movie: Can't Hardly Wait

Raxbot - I didn't like it.

 most every way other than Jennifer Love Hewitt's fine ass.
I found him ! Phone Post 3.0


Loved this movie Phone Post 3.0

Still waiting for love burger to make it big Phone Post 3.0

"Somebody?? More like NOBODY!!" Phone Post 3.0

Loved this movie Phone Post 3.0


AmanDUH Phone Post 3.0

Jennifer love Hewitt was so hot in that movie. Phone Post 3.0

FLIP IT - Im allergic.

Allergic!? To DANCIN'?!?!?

Drugs_Delaney - TRIP MCNEELY!
Guys like us are a dime a dozen Phone Post 3.0



Jesus rides beside me. He never buys any smokes.

JLH pics? Phone Post 3.0

Drugs_Delaney - i love it. PRESTOOOOWWWWWN!

You know who else I like, who never got much play? Velma from Scooby Doo.

it one that I don't own but when it's on tv I sit and watch it. do the same with clueless until the Bosstones play lol

Take me down to the paradise city! Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty! Phone Post 3.0

I watch this movie everytime it's on

cable, comedy central, tbs... don't matter

still funny


DUH! Phone Post 3.0

Awesome coming of age movie, part of the list on my thread.

That part with Dharma as a stripper angel was legit good film making.