Movie gun question?

What was the make/model of that big ass revolver Gary Oldman had in "The Professional"?

do u hav a pic or URL?

IIRC it was a big bore snubby with an unfluted cylinder. Can't remember if it was a full underlug or partial or what kind of grips it had on it, but I'm pretty sure it was a round butt. I could be wrong but I think it was a 3" S&W 629 .44 Mag, possibly a Performance Center/Lew Horton model. Very similar to this one... cheers

Side question: Is there an advantage to unfluted?

Thanks, after looking around I believe it is the 629.


I think the difference is essentially cosmetic although there are a couple theories...

- In the old days with lower quality metallurgy the flutes allowed for the cylinder to cool off faster.

- The fluting allows for weight reduction - not that big of a deal when shooting single action, but in double action the trigger pull is heavier without the fluting. Other side of the coin is that once you have the cylinder rotating, the extra inertia allows for quicker follow up shots...

- The extra weight here, however, could dampen the recoil significantly especially good for a snubbie cannon like this.

- The unfluted cylinder allows for more strength, but some argue there are other weak points such as the metal inbetween the chamber walls that will give first if you use really super hot loads.

I guess the arguments really revert back to cosmetics :D


Thanks. I ask because you don't see a lot of it.