Movie lines you thought meant something else... a kid.

I saw Goodfellas when it came to VHS when I was 11. My uncle always let me watch the movies my parents didn't.

Anyway, in the scene when Tommy asks Spider to get him a Cutty and Water, I had no idea what Cutty Sark was at 11 years old. And he said it fairly quickly, that for years I thought he asked for a "cutting water" which I took to mean a crisp, sparkling water.

I thought he asked Spider for a Perrier.

You guys got any? Phone Post 3.0

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ttt lol

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You couldn’t leave well enough alone,

could you, little twerp?

No, you had to push it.

Well, now you’re gonna pay.


Excellent usage, Johnny :joy::joy::joy:

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So in Vacation, which my parents let me watch when I was 6 for some reason, when Uncle Eddie’s son is showing Rusty some magazines and mentions “bopping your bologna,” I just thought he mean he didn’t like bologna sandwiches and would smash them.


Can’t think of any specific examples, but rewatching old TV shows from my childhood, I now realize they were making sex jokes that I didn’t realize at the time. When I was little it was just a reference I didn’t get

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Stupid as is as stupid does

I thought it meant some thing but it doesn’t really mean anything. If you think it means something it doesn’t mean anything. If you think it means some thing you don’t know anything.