Movie mistakes that bother you

I know there’s a site that list endless amounts of them but are there any you always catch and are bothered by?


Spicoli’s extra cheese and sausage pizza does not have sausage on it and prob not extra cheese either


Bullets dont spark when they hit shit.


I’ve see back to the future many times and I have a field day with all the paradox errors. This one I caught for first time Sunday.

Marty is hit by his grandfather directly in front of their house. His grandfather would have been either leaving his house(which he wasn’t) or pulling into his house if he was on that street. He had to slam the brakes right in front. So what the hell was he doing? Clearly wasn’t slowing down to turn into driveway. You can see here he’s yelling perpendicular


Why didn’t Dr Strange use the time stone to rewind shit before Thanos got ahold of Tony and then just leave or drop him in the endless falling trap like he did Loki?


The other BTTF ones that bother me are

  1. Nowhere in the note does it say where Doc is going to be shot yet he shows up with just a vest on. Also Marty didn’t know that the Libyans crashed and they wouldn’t be dead anyway. They would have gone back to get plutonium and make sure doc was dead

  2. Marvin berry holding up phone for chuck to hear. Implying chuck came up with song due to that event. But Marty only knows that song due to chuck

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Racking guns to indicate “now I’m serious.”

You see it all the time. Someone will be infiltrating or in a shootout, and then they catch whoever they’re chasing and hold a pistol or shotgun on that person . . . and then they rack the action. No round flies out of the gun, so it was unloaded the whole time, apparently. I guess they were shooting sound effects before that.

Has no one in Hollywood figured out how guns work?


Goodfellas style camera cuts that dont match up drive me nuts. I understand multiple takes but “hey you should be smiling” or whatever doesnt seem hard. Takes me out of the movie/show.

Yeah Paul sorvino has a magical cigar in goodfellas due to poor editing


Everytime a woman “operative” beats up a dude


In Jurassic Park, when Ellie is being chased by raptors she leaves the building and runs out to see Alan approaching. She starts yelling “run… Run… RUN!!!” as she sprints towards him, seemingly to warn him about the incoming raptors. When she gets to him, however, they embrace and make the fuck out completely forgetting about the raptors. I assume the raptors are gentlemen because they also seem to ignore that they were chasing her and just never show up.


Morris with the phone too. Always distracts me.

The weird scissor acrobatic takedown that all chicks do in movies that ignores physics.

When people spin around 3 times in the opposite direction from which they were struck and go flying to the ground.

When someone gets hit in the head with anything metal and eats it.

When people get knocked out and their friends slap their face to wake them up and they arent confused at all.

When a blood choke is applied and they make the neck breaking sound effect.

People constantly lighting one cigarette taking a single drag and the cigarette vanishing immediately afterwards.


Tiny women beating up men.

Incorrect period musical instruments.

Children dialogue that’s deep and insightful.

People shooting arrows holding the drawn string right on their noses.


Oh, and people coughing when they have any kind of injury.




At my high school there was a table where all the kids from the drama club sat. It was a mix of fat kids with no athletic ability, super skinny no testosterone gays, and girls that looked like Pat from SNL.

These are the kids now making and starring in Hollywood movies.

So to answer your question, no. I don’t think they’ve ever seen a firearm in real life.


The road markings in full metal jacket, it doesn’t ruin or take me out of the movie but I always notice them and it’s immediately clear the movie was shot in Britain. It’s weird too because Kubrick was supposedly obsessed about small details and that one is glaring