Movie mistakes that bother you

How about Tom Cruise as a Samurai as a movie mistake?


You obviously didn’t watch the movie? The entire point is an outsider (a westerner) that learns the Samurai code.

Tom Cruise is legit though. Say what you want about his crazy scientology stuff, dude is legit.


I’ve seen the movie, twice. If you recall, before the movie was even released people were laughing at the thought of Cruise as a Samurai. I 100% “get it” though and the movie was decent. And I hear Cruise has some training but, he’s kind of a weirdo for me to want to give him props. I’ll leave that to you.

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Before the movie You mean, before they had seen it and had any fucking idea what they were talking about. REmember, people trashed Heath Ledger being the Joker too. People are fucking idiots.

He is a weirdo, but he’s legit in most of all his athletic endeavors.

Dude did a legit HALO jump for crying out loud. He’s a weirdo, but he’s nuts.

Read some of the comments from the sword trainer for that movie about Tom Cruises ability if you want to talk props. It doesn’t need to come from me

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This is pretty cool/legit. I wasn’t aware about this. I would NEVER do this. I have a legit fear of heights and jumping out of a plane is insane to me. But props for those who have bigger gonads than I do.

this movie was pretty good, except for this retarded 5 story fall


Hahajaha wouldn’t it have been just as easy TO SWEEP the floor hahaa

My guess is the director didn’t want dust being kicked up that might ruin the shot.

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This week’s KA podcast

Also, why in cops shows and movies do cops and detectives get fords from the 80’s and 90’s?

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One that
Always takes me right out of a movie is when you see a woman that’s got a normal job as like a meter maid &
She looks like a supermodel.
Roadhouse makes me laugh every time I see the doctor.
Casting the blonde model would be like casting the rock as a doctor. It just looks silly.
All women in movies should look average and dumpy like all of your wives and girlfriends. I think then we’d all enjoy movies more…

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This is total Hollywood. Everyone always looks super pretty or handsome. One of the benefits of foreign movies.

Old women or kids beating up anyone bigger than them especially Hit men or bullies




I dont see it any longer, but common in every 80s or 90s movie.

Even in a very serious drama movie, a phone number would be given out with the old 555 to start.

It made the movie lose its seriousness

Because using real phone numbers back then inevitably meant like 50 people were going to get harassed.

This was a huge issue with the 8675 Jenny. A magazine ended up releasing the Tommy tutone lead singers phone number because so many people with 8675309 were getting bombarded with constant prank calls.

Lol. Didnt know that. Thats funny

But i understand why they did the 555 thing, doesnt mean it made movies real

casting ruby rose is always a mistake


This thread is about mistakes in the filming of movies, not realism.

Not sure if it’s a mistake but it bothered me.

In THE WOLVERINE when Logan is in the bunker with the Japanese guy and gets burnt with the atom bomb, his hair grows back to how it was before he was burnt.

But when he is living rough and has long scruffy hair with a big beard, he obviously cuts it when he cleans himself up. So why doesn’t his long hair grow back after he cuts it?


Cool story bro. Can you tell it again?