Movie stars whose star has dwindled.

Kevin Bacon doesn't seem to get much work nowadays. I'm not sure why but try playing 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon with a lot of stars now and it's a much more difficult game.

What other stars have lost their shine?


Brendan fraiser
Kristen heigel Phone Post 3.0

Any stat past 50 years old Phone Post 3.0

kyleburkle - Any stat past 50 years old Phone Post 3.0


Steve Guttenberg. Need a Three men snd a baby remake. Well not really. Police academy though. Phone Post 3.0

Julia Roberts.

Jude Law

Kevin Costner Phone Post 3.0

Does Kevin Bacon really count? He's had a 30 year run and is still in good stuff. Phone Post 3.0

Colin Farrel Phone Post 3.0

Eddie Murphy? Phone Post 3.0

Lindsay Lohan...
M. Night Shyamalan... Phone Post 3.0

banco - Julia Roberts.
She was just in a recent film. "Money monster" Phone Post 3.0

VAL kilmer...but he did that by being difficult Phone Post 3.0

Dustin Hoffman
That bitch from lethal weapon
Kim Basinger
Sharon Stone
Elizabeth shue Phone Post 3.0

Shia lebouf?
Sam Worthington
Adam sandler Phone Post 3.0

Trust - Hillary Swank.

She won two Oscars, but what has she been in since Million Dollar Baby? Phone Post 3.0
Thankfully not much. Can stand her. Phone Post 3.0

Saddler has like an 8 movie deal with Netflix that lets him make whatever he wants Phone Post 3.0