Movies celebrities don't want people to see

Could be worse. You could be stuck playing around with Raptor and Crystal Ball, :joy:


I haven’t watched this. Just heard a podcast talking about the train wreck that it was.


I saw it and it was really bad. I was able to find an old episode of Monstervision that showed it and Joe Bob rips it apart in his typical awesome way. I can’t believe that shit got made and cost as much as it did. Can’t remember the exact amount but it was a lot.

Jennifer Anniston in Leprechaun

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Colonel Nicholson over Obi Wan Kenobi all day every day.

Tom Hanks hates Bosom Buddies.

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Completely unrelated, but this is why I laugh at people who claim they lack, “representation”.

That set is diverse as fuck! Black, white, brown, Asian, female, etc. In 86.

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I think the dude who got butt-fucked in Deliverance said he regretted it.

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I remember reading a translation of an interview in an Austrian or German magazine Arnold did shortly after filming terminator and he shit on it. I think he said it was some piece of shit Sci-fi movie they’ll probably never see. Obviously it came out and was a huge success though

Burt Reynolds hated Boogie Nights for a long time, he fired his agent over it and supposedly didn’t like being directed by Paul Thomas Anderson who was about 27 and an arrogant ass. The thing I don’t get though is that he sort of said he didn’t know it would be so smutty but most of his scenes are on porn sets

David Fincher hates Alien 3 and pretty much disowned it, he was young when he made it and pretty much got bullied by the studio in to making changes

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Naomi Watts in Children of the Corn 4. The movie actually isn’t that bad, especially compared to others in the series. But I could see how an academy award nominee wouldn’t want to be associated with a straight to video horror sequel.

Highlander 2 director Russell Mulcahy disavowed anything to do with the movie and walked out during the premiere

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Anytime someone has used the pseudonym Alan Smithee

There’s a pretty long list

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lol what??? they never made a sequel, that’s common knowledge

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Wasn’t Harrison Ford not that enamoured with Star Wars generally? I know he was supposedly over it by return of the Jedi and always was much more fond of Indiana Jones

Yeah he didn’t have a contract for Jedi so they left it being a cliff hanger in case he didn’t do it and they needed to kill him off. He wanted to be killed off in Jedi.

Harrison Ford only cares about money

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Harrison Ford has done volunteer work as a forest fire pilot. He’s probably well above the scumbag threshold for Hollywood.

This is on Amazon prime and it’s the most wtf am I watching movie I’ve ever seen!