MOVIES-Do you still enjoy going..??

i just read that this summer has had the lowest ticket sales since the mid 90s....this got me thinking, hell i never go to the movies anymore...maybe once a year if that, when i was younger going to the movies used to be a treat but now its like meh...

do you still go and if so, how often?if not, why not?

I still enjoy going, it changes the atmosphere of a film completely. I'd never go see a comedy in theatres though, obnoxious laughter from strangers for two hours is not appealing. Phone Post 3.0

I love seeing movies but don't get to do it much as I'd like. And they are putting out some real crap now.

I pay the crazy prices for popcorn and drinks, but every time I do think of how I'm getting screwed.

Not at all.

I'd rather watch movies at home because the overall movie going experience pretty much blows.

I don't think I've been to a movie in 4-5 years.

I still enjoy going to the movies. Phone Post 3.0

Unless I go to an IMAX theater, the picture and sound quality on my home theater system is far superior. I also don't have to deal with people jabbering on their cell phones, the kid in back of me banging on my seat, puddles of butter and condiments spilled near my feet, $15 admission fees and $20 for a bucket of popcorn and soda. Phone Post 3.0

Only very few movies I feel are worth watching in theaters. It's crazy how often during previews the audience will groan or laugh at some of the movies that being put out. It's obvious from the get go a lot of the movies will be shit Phone Post 3.0

I go to the cinema only to watch a movie that I'm really looking forward to or one that really needs IMAX and/or 3D like Avatar or Gravity so I only end up going three or four times a year. Phone Post 3.0

I only go if its a movie I really want to see on the big screen and I can see it at a time the theater is virtually empty.

Fuckwads talking to each other and playing on their phone ruins the experience.

When theater management addresses those issues, I'll go more.

If I do, I like to go mid week during the day or wait a couple of weeks till the buzz has died down. Basically at the quietest times possible as I despise people. Or IMAX when possible as there tends to be less annoying kids in attendance. Phone Post 3.0

I don't. Just because theaters haven't evolved and all the ones around here are crappy.

I don't like comic books or remakes so that seems like it rules out about 75% of the big pictures. I don't go nearly as much as 15 years ago.

IDOHARM - I still enjoy going, it changes the atmosphere of a film completely. I'd never go see a comedy in theatres though, obnoxious laughter from strangers for two hours is not appealing. Phone Post 3.0

I agree about changing the atmosphere.

Like a guy mentioned above, with my TV and surround sound, the overall quality may be better in my home... but imo, watching at home is a completely different thing than watching in a movie theater.

If I'm watching at home, I can pause because I'm getting a call, can pause because something crazy just happened, I may text without even bothering to pause. My dog might be being really needy and wants attention, distracting me.

When I'm watching in a movie theater, none of that exists, and its easier to be fully immersed in the movie experience.

If it's a great movie with an actual story line, I'll go. Forget all this comic book bullshit with crap soap actors they're churning out right now, though.

My girl and I go a fair bit, as part of the occasional night out. Movie, dinner, etc. Luckily we live in one of the more well to do neighborhoods and the local theater (which is inside a casino) is pretty much all well behaved, considerate people.

The one time (out of at least 2 dozen) that a baby started to cry, the parent holding it was up and out in the hall in about 4 seconds. I never see cell phones in use, people don't usually yell stupid shit at the screen, etc.

I can see how a lesser well behaved crowd would turn people off quick.

No. It's intolerable. Nobody knows how to shut the fuck up and stop making noise in NYC.

I try to target movies with subtitles (to weed out most idiots), but even that doesn't help.

With home theater technology the way it is, I find it more enjoyable to just stay at home where I don't have to listen to people talking or crunching popcorn right behind me.

I'll go if the movie is something that I don't want to wait and see though. Most of the time I just hold out for the DVD.

I still go sometimes , but people talking puts me off.

Unlike some others, a comedy is the one kind of movie were I don't mind a bit of boisterousness.

People talking during other movies fills me with a murderous rage and I try not to put myself in situations where I might be forced to kill someone

I'll go on $10 night otherwise not worth it. There might only be a handful of movies a year that make a difference for me. Phone Post 3.0

Only go to the drive in Phone Post 3.0