MOVIES-Do you still enjoy going..??

It's been years since I have gone to a movie in a theater. Too fucking expensive.

my sister in law just told me what it cost for her and hubby to take her 3 kids to the movies to go see the new Planes(??) movie in 3-D..holy shit is all i gotta say!!

Being at the movies means we have a date night away from the kiddo, so yeah, I enjoy going! Phone Post 3.0


 i'd much rather be at home

Me and the mrs go very regularly.
I like to go early during the day as it's virtually empty.

I stopped going to late showings at peak times cause there are always some dicks talking trying to be funny to their mates but aggravating everyone else.

But I love the cinema it makes it better because you get engrossed in the film.

We saw AS ABOVE SO BELOW yesterday and thought it was terrifying towards the end.
I guarantee if I had watched it at home with my home cinema I wouldn't of found it scary at all Phone Post 3.0

Do you love finger banging 18 year olds in dark auditorium? Phone Post 3.0

i think i've seen 2 movies in the past 5 years at the theater. I don't care about 3d, so I'd almost always rather wait than sit in a room with other people hoping everybody put their phone on silent

I hate going to the movies. It's too expensive and pretty much every movie sucks these days. I can't stand how fake and predictable they all are. Gotta sit through commmercials then loud previews where they show you all the "good" parts of a movie you've already seen before.
Then you gotta sit through 2 hours or more of some bullshit and then fucking drive home angry and take it out on your liver drinking away the memories of the shitty movie you just watched. Phone Post 3.0

I go to every major thursday night premier love it. Phone Post 3.0

I hate going. Haven't went since the last FnF movie and probably won't till the next one. I have a big screen, better seating, cheaper snacks, booze, and can pause to piss at home. Why the fuck do I need or want to go to the theater? Phone Post 3.0

My wife gets 8 free tickets a month and heavily discounted food if we ever decide to get popcorn. Cheap night out for us. Phone Post 3.0

I enjoy the movie experience, but I don't go as often as I used to. I only make it there a few times a year. When I do go, I usually attend the matinees because it's cheaper and not as crowded. I don't really like being piled up in there with a bunch of people when something first comes out. I also usually watch a couple of movies in a row when I go as well.

Nope. And I used to looooooooooooove the movies. We averaged 20 - 25 a year at one point. It gradually decreased until we'd go once or twice a year then it just stopped happening. Godzilla was the first movie I saw in the theaters since the last of the Nolan Batman movies which was the first movie I saw in over a year at that point.

Too many assholes at the theater now. Talking, texting, or even just sitting in my periphery constantly checking their phones. I hate that. I have a decent little setup so I just wait to buy the movie and watch it comfortably at home. Phone Post 3.0

Stadium seating & serving beer have made the experience great again.

I love going to a drive in theater. Our local one is only $5 for a double feature, and I watch in my car away from the obnoxious laughers and other distractions. Phone Post 3.0

Hate the theater but I love the Drive-In. Fuck buying their overpriced food I bring my own. Phone Post 3.0

I never go see a scary movie unless I know it won't be crowded. Too many people doing random screams or yelling "look behind you, there it is!!"

I know that guy is probably an OGer, but I won't tolerate it no more! Phone Post 3.0

I still love it usually see 4 or so movies a month. I try not to go peak hours though, early afternoon weekdays or straight after work on a Saturday. Phone Post 3.0

For movies I really wanna see, yeah I still go. Mostly the superhero movies because they look best on the giant screen. Phone Post 3.0

it's overpriced, usually hot in the theater, and there's a high chance of being annoyed/disturbed by retarded people and/or their shitty kids. it's extremely rare that i go to a theater to see a movie, and if i do, i try to go during off times. i'd MUCH rather watch a movie at home