Movies that messed you up as a child


I came across this article...

and had to totally agree with the robot scene from Superman III. Scurred the shit out of me!

What movies, or movie scenes, stuck with you as a child?

American Werewolf In London

All of it.... Phone Post


Add "Cujo" to that list as well. The whole goddamn movie.

That scene at the start of Robocop in the warehouse.

The gang bangers blow the cops arm off and one punk says "You need a hand?" and laughs maniacally.

That gave me night terrors for years for some reason.

The dude in the painting in Ghostbusters (2?)
The melty face guy from Indiana Jones


The rape scene from 'The Accused'. I was too young to be watching that shit!

Also "Fatal Attraction", especially the rabbit scene. Phone Post 3.0

Pet Semetary. The Zelda scenes.

Poltergeist and Salems Lot. Phone Post 3.0

Leprechaun. Phone Post 3.0


straight up I was afraid of my closet for like two years. I would have dreams of that little shit chasing me around and when I couldn't get away from him he'd just extend that go go gadget neck and chase me with that microwave of a dome piece that he's got, trying to burn me with that fuckin light up index finger until I woke up in a pure terror.


We still have beef to this day.......his movie is not welcome in my residence.


'It' still creeps me. Also, the creepy old man from 'Poltergeist'. Phone Post

My mom showed me Nighmare on Elm Street 2 when I was really little. It gave me recurring nightmares for years until I finally watched it again and realized I was dreaming about the opening scene on the bus.

I found the original texas chainsaw massacre really disturbing when I saw it as a kid, couldn't stop thinking about it for at least a week Phone Post



This and it. Hate clowns and spiders to this day Phone Post 3.0

My dad forced me to watch Ernest Scared Stupid when I was really young, for some reason that retarded movie scared the shit out of me. Also, Sloth from the Goonies gave me nightmares...he's one of my favorite movie characters now lol.

Once as a kid I got up to pee and hallucinated Mac & Me lying in my bathtub...or maybe I was abducted and molestered.

Fire in the Sky. That movie scared the piss outta me. Phone Post

The steam roller scene in who framed Roger rabbit fucked me up too, when Christopher Lloyd is all flat and pumps himself back up Phone Post

The Fly.

That movie weirded me out as well. Phone Post

Return of the Living Dead