Movies you wished had a sequel



The Godfather Phone Post

The Professional.

And still waiting for the Star Wars prequels.

i can get behind unbreakable, i thought the movie had great potential, but didn't turn out as good as it could have. i enjoyed it either way.


This is the E.T. made up sequel, pretty funny but whoever did this was pretty talented.

No Country For Old Men

Highlander Phone Post

Independence Day

Dazed and confused. Phone Post 3.0

American History X

Severnsmustache - 

Highlander Phone Post

You could almost do a whole series of sequels off this one.

Oh, and VTFU for beating me to it.


Van helsing Phone Post

Jumper Phone Post


8mm Phone Post

Christine Phone Post 3.0

I think there's potential for an Earthquake 2 or a remake...its one Natural Disaster that never got big Hollywood treatment Phone Post