Moving away from sport BJJ

Where did you get your black belt if you’ve never trained in the gi? I ask because I prefer no gi, but I never learn anything at my local 10th Planet school. Awesome, high level instructor, a lot of his guys seem to be phenoms and are solid blue belts in less than a year, but for me none of their shit clicks so I gave up on them as a place to train bjj for fighting-or as close to it as you can get.

And my local Carlson affiliate that does gi/no gi “seasons” will go back to gi at the end of summer, leaving me with few options for no gi unless I want to do the once a week crap so many of them do.

I ask about your black belt because I’m moving out of state next year and if there is a place that trains no gi as a fighting art I want to know where that place is.

Where are you moving too? Im sure we can find you a place

I can literally move anywhere. My profession pays absolute shit so it’s mostly going to be about job offers and cost of living in the area. Dream spot is the Big Island, but I’ve looked at all of SoCal and the Bay Area… pretty much the entire pacific coast now that I think about it. Portland is a strong option.

But literally anywhere I can find work that pays me a living wage (which I won’t but as close as I can get) and if it has the type of school I’m looking for I’d be very interested, so any and all thoughts you have are greatly appreciated :pray:t3:

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I live in Germany so not very close.:slight_smile: My teacher is Roy Harris who lives in San Diego. His BJJ is pretty straight forward no need for flexibility or something.:slight_smile: Mine is the same. If you interested check my Youtube Channel: