Moving Beyond Religion

Warning, long and personal post about the nature of everything. Read at your own risk.

Myself, my gf and my best freind have all been going through hard times of one sort or another in the past few weeks.

My best freind graduated Valedictorian in Comp. Sci (minor in creative arts). He was hired in under 3 weeks for a $47,000 coding job. In 2 weeks he quit. He has decided that while he has a faculty for computers, he HATES (intended emphasis) the fact that the work is "fake" in the sense that he does no real communicating with people. He is brilliant, creative and so depressed it is scary. I help as best as I can.

My gf was recently s----ed by the university and will take even longer to graduate. She finds herself torn between her love of animal psychology (skinner, etc) and Chinese (the language and culture). The university is not being kind in any way and recently one of her supervisors told her that she may not be cut out for lab research- which has been her dream since the age of 14.

I am 23 years old. Since 17, all I have wanted to do was study MMA and related aspects. My parents, sensing this was not a finanically wise decision forced me to go to school full time and while I study Kinesiology and have an excellent understanding of the human body and how exercise influences it, I feel that my MMA abilities are GONE since I have not trained since I was 18. It is depressing to realize that while moving towards your goal, you lost what you had.

While staring up at the ceiling in my insomniatic haze, I realized it again. All is one. Everything is G-d. Even a grain of sand holds the secrets to all of divine Creation. Most people are far too busy to listen, learn, feel and experience the lessons the river of life tosses at them. It is not that they are incapable, it is that they ignore the singnals (to get technical, they raise the threshold beyond normal so the singal is never received... perhaps it is painful) and become distracted by more important things like work, money, school, etc. These things, esp. in our culture, have a way of seducing you. We must be on guard. I am not advocating living in a cave and spearing fish, but an understanding that one's material wealth is nothing since you can not take it with you. And when you stand before the Creator of it all, it (material wealth) will not be a testament for you.

We are all here because the... Spirit of the Universe, Hand of G-d, Tao, or whatever, NEEDS us to be here now- to find our way through the river of life, to understand the currents and use them to get to the right place.

One of my missions, perhaps my most important one, is to lower, shut off (decrease threshold) parts of my mind so that other parts become more sensitive. There was a time G-d and I spoke regularly. For over a year He has not and the sad truth, is I have been busy studying (and I've got a 3.45 GPA to show for it, which I can't take with me). When I go to look for Him, that place is now quiet. But I know It exists! If I can remove the filter of reality (shunting blood away from the limbic part of the brain) I can receive all of reality, unfiltered by anything! All light and sound and everything within my level of perception will be PROCESSED at a higher level of awareness and this will be G-d since We are all Being Existed by It and It by Us since We are all IT! The interesting side fact of course is, szchisophrenics (sp?) have problems with their limbic part of the brain.


So then we face a problem. G-d has given the truth to all peoples and we packaged it depending on our understandings and needs at the time. Yet can all religions be equal and equaly valid? Simple man, man consumed by his school, money, work, vanity, etc. He needs religion. He needs the structure. He has no other way of understanding the mystical since his mind has turned away from it.

When someone passes through the fires of faith and follows G-d to the edges of insanity, all on a memory and a dream- the religion falls away. The true nature of It is revealed and an understanding of the Hand of G-d, Spirit of the Universe, Tao is revealed. Then the rites become merely a method of organizing the truth. Some are still needed since language and deed are the ways we must communicate, we are not the Tao and can not communicate the Truth in a blinding flash of insight nor are we G-d and we can not communicate the truth in a whisper on the wind or in a dream. We are but men and we must give it some sort of form or structure. That said, at this level, in this place, where ever it happens to be- all men are created equal and stand before G-d's throne in awe of the majesty of Its Creation of Us and Our Creation of It! And it is our ability to climb this spiritual ladder and grab the reins of our destiny that we can show It as testimony.

I am not there yet, but more determined than ever to get there. I have smelled the flowers on that field, and nectar is but a shallow and shadowy comparison. Beyond love and hate there is this place of All, I hope to met you there one day.

We must finish Creation soon, the joy will be great thereafter.

thanx for listening, maybe I should get some sleep now.



I'm not flattering you here but you are one heck of a smart guy for only being 23! You have such an ability to learn and understand. Wow! And the opportunities you have to go to school are awesome!

I can only imaging what time and godly wisdom will add to your journey. I pray God will give you the insight and understanding to live in His perfect will.

Ok, now that I've let you see my sensitive side... what's up buttmunch?

Hey, MS, tell your friend that he has a lot of courage to leave that job!

Perhaps if he reads "Jonathan Livingstone Seagul" or "Illusions" by Richard Bach he is going to feel better.

You are not alone in this battle between dreams and reality.

The hardest part is to find out what you really like to do, and have courage to go for it, no matter if it doesn´t make money at the beginning. It will come later, for sure.

The problem I always had, as do most people, is the problem with basic survival. You need money for a place to live, food, transportation, etc. And the occasional DVD or UFC event.

Years of time in college studying ... working like a dog in jobs ... dealing with life, it can lead one away from enlightenment that's for sure.

It sounds like you've glimped something good MS, good luck on your many years of exploration. It sure is a humbling but wonderful thing!

I'm 36 ... and I have been cramming my brain & soul for the past 8 years (since school ended really). And the more I learn, the smaller I feel ;)

Thanx all, a thought I had when I awoke.

If we are all manifestations of G-d being manifested through the Spirit of the Universe, Tao, Spheres of Light- then maybe, just maybe- it is G-d who is trying to solve the problem of life and we who are trying to solve the problem of G-d... my brain hurts.

Mkirk- Well, waiting for school to start again; gotta knock out a few more semesters and keep my gpa as high as possible (hopefully I'll finish with 3.5+). How about you you scruffy-looking nerf-herder! ;)

Donna- I will. Have you read the Alchemist? I'm going to loan it to him, probably the best book I've read all year. The really hard thing is I've known what I want to do, it is my parents who fear I will living on welfare my whole life. Explaining to them that if I train with the best, and then teach from the heart will promise we a market share doesn't seem to work.

Tg- When we glimpse the Divine Throne, we realize how small we are. I just hope that when I get a Real job, after graduation, I will not be consumed by the cultural programming I have received to "CONFORM CONSUME OBEY! ALL PROBLEMS CAN BE SOLVED BY SHOPPING! BUY PRODUCTS YOU DON'T NEED AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY! CONFORM CONSUME OBEY!" (hehe, Mr. Snaffleburger refrence!). The day I become more worried about my pants than my relationship with G-d and Reality, I should probably get my head examined. I pray it won't come to that though.

People ask me why I don't do drugs of any kind. Well here my freinds is why. When its 3am and my brain is spinning, G-d gets me higher than kite!



The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho? I dind´t read any of his books.

Separating yourself from your parents is called "grow up". You have to do it, otherwise you will always be attached to their wills.

When I get a job, I'm out!

Get a job, but keep eyes open to better oportunities all the time. Be professional, but don´t be a slave (as most bosses want you to be).

Ha, it is incredible. Do you know what great USA companies think are the worse competitors they have in the market? It is not other big companies in USA or around the world. It is the employee´s families: they "rob" their employees time that should be devoted to the companies.

Well, my biochemistry has returned to normal so I am no longer processing at that higher level. But I remember it.



that was a great post. Very honest and to the point. You have hit me with some very good stuff. I had no idea you were my age, I was thinking you were some old guy.

Every situation we are in, we have the opportunity to commune with the devine, if we know how to look for it. Its a shame that we only seem to get glimpses.

This devine throne you speak of, I have been creating a picture of it in my mind over the last few months and using it to medidate on the presence of God. I feel that this has allowed a channel to open where I can realize how worthless everything we value really is, along with the joy and fufillment God has in store for his creation.

I agree that we are supposed to eventually move beyond "religion" in the sense that we think of it, but its only because eventually there will be a sort of critical mass which will be reached, and Initiated by the creator I believe, which will push us all into spiritual beings which we were intended to be from the beginning.

For now, I stick with what I know, and pray that God will guide me into a more personal knowledge of him and his will for my life.

ALL IS ONE!Not Two. ;)

Well, all that being said, Im still "religious" and I still think that "religion" does have a lot to teach me.

Joshua- The Divine Throne and the Chariot of Angels is described in the first chapter of Ezekiel. One of the oldest Kabbalah schools is based around this chapter and recreating the meditative state that Ezekiel was in. Be careful of course, if you summon angels carrying the Divine Throne and then tick them off... each one will take something from you. I can only hope that as I go down life I can understand the currents and swim with them. I am being pulled in so many directions.

Everyone remember, There is No Moshiach and You Are It!