Moving the f*ck on...

Yeh agree, got some crazy welterweight fights coming up Phone Post 3.0

170 opening up just saved Zuffa from becoming stale for a while.

Most interesting division currently.

I want to see Lombard come into his own here... Phone Post 3.0

Stephen Holder - Shame on a welter for tryina run game on a welter.

170 is about to become a warfield. Put the blanket down n Lets see some fights.

Lombard, Condit, Maia, McDonalds, Woodley, Brown

Who am I forgetting? Who are these new Russian guys? Lets do this. Lets bang bros. Just Bleed n all that shit. This is gonna be tight.

Get Diaz back in the mix. Scrap the Dallas undercard n make it all 170 fights so we know where da fuk a welter stands after Robbie/Hendricks.

Someone please Tonya Harding Ben Askren too, ffs. The last thing we need is someone to fuck up the good thing we got going now.
They all get to be champion now. That belt Is going to change hands 2-3 times a yr for quite some time. Phone Post 3.0

Fucking thrilled no see what happens with welterweight in the next year, nothing against GSP. Phone Post 3.0

Real talk they need to get diaz back. Phone Post 3.0

And Lombard will smash

I'd like to see Tarec/Rory. That'd be a good technical fight, but no main/co-main, even though it's built for 5.