Moving To Abbotsford BC - Any BJJ?

I'm moving to Abbotsford, BC.

Anyone know of any good BJJ schools out about here?

There used to be a BJJ instructor at some club there, on South Fraser Highway. He was a purple belt when I was there. Nice guy.

Abbotsford is only a couple of hours out of Vancouver, so you're not too far from Marcus Soares. You'd be an idiot not to train with him.

who wants to drive four hours everyday after work to train?

if wombat says your an idiot... then your an idiot.

Wombat is indeed a wise man.

I believe Marcus has classes in Langley as well. Maybe someone can post the class location here.

May be a more reasonable drive. If not, can attend Bible readings at the coffee shops in Abbotsford.

Different art but I do believe there is some good Muay Thai in Abbotsford. Can't remember the name of the school but when I visited years ago the instructor and all his students were very friendly guys.

I like what Wombat says.

I forgot. Marcus started teaching classes in Langley right after I moved to Winnipeg from Langley. That's about a 20 minute drive from Abbotsford, and about a 23 hour drive from Winnipeg.

And well worth the drive from either location...

I've heard great things about Marcus.

I used to drive 2 hours into vancouver (from Langley) every day to train with him.

I think the instructor that Wombat is talking about on Fraser Highway is Robert Lareyett of Aldergrove Achedemy. I presently go there and like what I learn. On the down side, we have little to offer in the way of bigger fighters. The class is small and you learn quite a lot as it is like a private lesson every class. I train mostly with out the gi, both stand up and ground fighting. Robert has trained with Mundruca, a few of the Gracies and has a Black Belt under Martin Clark of Combat Sombo International. If you are looking for gi training Marcus Soares is probably a better place. I go there for dropins to train with bigger fighters sometimes. Good Luck, Hope this Helps
The club is about 10 to 15 minutes from Abbotsford.

I'm moving to abbotsford in january, my friend is going to burnaby he trais with marcus saores when hes down there, says its awesome.

I trained with a guy in Abbotsford who was a purple belt. I think his name was Darren McDonald? That was WAY before I started training with Marcus. Of course, if you can train with Marcus, do it! The man is a 6th degree black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu! How often do you get that kind of opportunity?

the langley club has Langley fight club on the building it is located on the bypass right in behind kal-tire(i'll have to double check the address) really easy to find.
Marcus teaches tue and thurs 7-9pm it's a great class with alot of great guys to train with(marcus is in brazil until jan 5)
if your interested stop by the guys are still training with eather stephane or adam teaching classes