Moving to Denver

I am moving to Denver for work and would like some recommendations on where to stay and what gyms to check out. The job is in Henderson North East of Denver I'm looking for about a 30 minute commute. Any recommendations?

No shortage of good gyms here! What kind of training you looking for? Thai? Jitz? Phone Post 3.0

Zingano BJJ in Brighton is right up the road from Henderson, I'm an instructor there. We have a Muay Thai program as well. Stop on by! Phone Post 3.0

Eastons is fantastic. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the info. I'm looking for mainly Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. Is Easton's worth the money? I called to get pricing and it was more expensive than I was anticipating. I plan on checking out all gyms in the Area. Does anyone have any recommendations on areas/apartments to stay? I'm looking in the Broomfield Westminster area but I have no knowledge other than internet reviews.


Absolutely worth the $. Amal is one of a kind. Phone Post 3.0

Westminster/Broomfield are perfect, imo. Splits the difference between Boulder and Denver and is relatively cheaper than both.

My wife and I settled in Westminster when we first got here, and then took time to find a really good deal in Boulder. Colorado is an amazing place to live. Phone Post 3.0

Anywhere in Broomfield or northern Westminster is going to be a great place to live. Agree with poster above, Zingano BJJ has an academy in Brighton and one in Broomfield, it's an awesome place to train. Phone Post 3.0