Moving to Peru...ask me anything!

I'm moving to Northern Peru in October for 6 months, maybe longer. I'll be mostly in Lobitos for some volunteer work through W.A.V.E.S., and will also be hitting up the rest of the north coast for some surf and connections.

What are your living expenses?

I can live off of $1100 a month in San Diego.

I don't have a car, and I cook all my own food. I will be dropping my phone carrier ($80 a month) but will be picking up some International health Ins. (hit me up if u got a good one)
Also, dropping internet/cable, $90 a month.

I'm hoping to get down to at least $700 a month in Peru;
hostels + busses + food.

Haha, will do. Phone Post

I would think that in Peru you could live the same life style or better for about 40% of what you spend in San Diego

that's my goal, If I can get down to under $500 including transportation that would be ideal.
Gotta save up for that next plane ticket :)

Ok, so I made it. I'm up in Mancora till Sunday probably. Anybody know where I can watch a fight lol. Phone Post

Fuck I was in Peru and it is Expensive! Girls will cross the street if you have blue eyes!

Watch yourself and do not leave your drink alone! IF you go to the bars keep your drink with you all the time. They will slip something into it.

Good luck.