Moving to San Antonio

So after 20 years in OKC, we are moving to San Antonio. It's a work-related move to Randolph AFB, which is actually a little northeast of the city proper. We are looking for homes in the immediate vicinity of the base, and it is mind boggling the amount of subdivisions springing up everywhere. We are looking to spend what we sold our house in OKC for, 300k, and unfortunately, that doesn't get you much yard or garage that sucks.

After a couple of days here the family is overall excited about this move. Lots of things to do, great food (bonus for me is the socal style taco shops like Robertos and I get my carne asada burrito fix whenever I want).

Any tips from SA area OGers appreciated.....

No tips, but San Antonio is great!  Lots of fun stuff to do,  weather isn't bad considering you're in texas.  I live in houston and have contemplated this move a few times.  

San Antonio....... jus lyke Compton!