moving to san diego this month

ill be in SD the 18th and am looking to check places out.iv had 2 maui thai fights and a few grappling toun. want to try mma.

dean listers school will be open sooooon.

Yuma is correct.. The best thing down here is the fights in TJ.. excellent venue to get a start. The name of the events is Total Combat & RETO Maximo

any idea where Dean's school is going to be?

"any idea where Dean's school is going to be?"

My first guess would be San Diego.

and a good guess that would be. but i was inquiring to what part of SD it would be located.

North County

like escondido area? or poway? i dont even know what north county consists of

Sorrento Valley is the idea and where he has been looking.. it's very expensive... but yeah in that general area Roboto

ive heard somewhere off of clairmont mesa area which isnt too far north at all. LJ@IBF wait for deans school to open next month you wont regret it .SD whats up with the beetle, is he still moving?

lol..naw he is going nowhere.. beetles/cholo bodys can't travel far without getting tired.

Dean Lister's school will be in Clairemont Mesa. Another really good school is Charlie Kohler's San Diego Fight Club in El Cajon. I would check them both out, SD Fight Club is open now after a little remodeling but I have no clue when Dean is opening his doors...

For MMA I would go with Dean Lister or Charlie Kohler's place...


Flying Kimura ..just curious who are ya?


goku- im in pb