Moving to Thailand - Need help

I'm moving to thailand to get away from Western Culture.

I'm also going mainly to train aswell and live in the culture.

I speak 3 languages and I am learning Thai with my wife.

I need to know if anyone has connections or lives there now and would be willing to converse by email.

Leave me yours or I can provide it here.

I'd truly appreciate any help or information people would be willing to provide.

I'll be going to visit for two weeks in Febuary and would like a place to train, I'm not expecting any room/boarding because I can afford a hotel, but I wouldn't mind knowing someone prior to moving my family there.

I've been doing net searches and reading, and my father has been there multiple times. My parents used to live in India, so I'm not a person to get major culture shock!

Please drop me a line or speak to someone you know who is in Thailand...

Thanks for reading my long thread

I was in fear of the 'mouth' part, but actually thats a great site... looks like a ton of info from the TOC


that bangkokmouth site kicks ass!

I was a little disapointed it wasn't porn, though.

You may also want to check 's message board. It's very popular amongst expats, english teachers and the like.

Also have a look at , his weekly column on life in Bangkok is read by thousands. There's also which contains some interesting info.

Good luck

Thanks for all the responses! Looks like I'm not the only one who has thought about going there.

OctaviousBP you've got mail!

Devious, I have connections in Thailand. Email me at



he said he was going with his wife...


For the guys who have lived and trained at a camp in Thailand for awhile, how's the food... anyone ever gotten sick or is it usually pretty good.

Just asking as I was planning on going up for a few weeks and a friend who was there before got a really bad virus and was sick for months afterwards... Someone else told me to drink bottled water, ask the guys at the camp where to eat on the weekends, and to sack up and stop worrying:-)

Thanks for any advice.


The food is fine AS LONG AS YOU AVOID ALL AMERICAN CHAIN RESTAURANTS!!! Eating at McD's, KFC, et al will make you sick as hell. I ate at streetcarts all the time with no problem.

And you need to drink bottled water, but it's everywhere, so no worries.